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Virtual CIO (Chief Information Officer) at a tech services company
Reviewed NETGEAR Switches: Netgear has solid, cost-effective…
User at a tech consulting company
Reviewed Cisco Catalyst Switches: Stable and have a long service…
User at DLL Technologies
Reviewed NETGEAR Switches: Modularity means I can replace just…
User at a government
User at a engineering company
Reviewed Dell PowerConnect Switches: Good support, stable to the point…
User at Alpha Tech
Reviewed NETGEAR Switches: Cloud management allows us to see…
User at Genesis Technologies
Reviewed NETGEAR Switches: Peak performance for uncompressed…
User at a tech company
Reviewed NETGEAR Switches: I can see traffic on each switch…
Senior Consultant at CenturyLink
Reviewed Cisco Nexus: A flexible solution that has…