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Architect - Cloud Serviced at a comms service provider
Reviewed Blue Coat ProxySG [EOL]: The solution lacks integration with…
Network Architect at a retailer
Reviewed Infoblox DNS Firewall: Good granularity for control and…
Sr Network and Security Consultant (SDN & Security) at a media company
Reviewed Cisco Umbrella: Offers protection from DNS-based…
Enterprise Architect at Aurenav Sweden AB
Reviewed Symantec Complete Website Security: We can see what's happening in…
Owner at a tech services company
Reviewed Forcepoint Web Security: It has protected clients against…
Presales Engineer at DataProtect
Reviewed Cisco Umbrella: Provides important ransomware…
Security Team Leader at Infort
Reviewed Forcepoint Web Security: An excellent web proxy with good…
Adjunct Professor at a university
Reviewed Forcepoint Web Security: It is a well-priced option with…
IT Security Consultant at ZOL Zimbabwe
Reviewed Trustwave Secure Web Gateway: Enables policies on threats from…
Managing Director at Onesecure
Reviewed Zscaler Internet Access: A stable, infinitely scalable…