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Security Consultant and Cybersecurity Support at a tech services company
Reviewed Trend Micro Deep Discovery Analyzer: Good HTML file sandboxing and great…
General Manager at Gemakom
Reviewed WatchGuard Intrusion Prevention Service: Detect and prevent hacker attacks…
Network Infrastructure Program Manager at a non-profit
Cyber Security Consultant at a tech services company
Reviewed Tripwire Enterprise: Best solution for file integrity…
Information Security Advisor, CISO & CIO, Docutek Services at Docutek Services
Reviewed Trend Micro TippingPoint NGIPS: Its default filters include, among…
Security Engineer at Socitech SA
Reviewed Cisco Sourcefire SNORT: Good functionality and has the…
Networks Lead Engineer at a mining and metals company
Reviewed Cisco IOS Security: Increased endpoint security but is…
Senior Engineer at a tech services company
Reviewed Cisco Sourcefire SNORT: User-friendly and provides…
Network Administrator at SA Tallinna Lasteghaigla
Reviewed Palo Alto Networks Threat Prevention: Easy to install, use, and manage…
Security Officer at SDIS 49