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Info Sec Consultant at Size 41 Digital
Reviewed Cisco Meraki Wireless LAN: We can easily monitor the up/down…
IT Manager at a hospitality company
Reviewed Mist Access Points: Has reasonable costs but the user…
District Technology at a K-12 educational company or school
Reviewed Ruckus Wireless: Ruckus is a big dog in a…
CEO at AnyWi Technologies BV
Reviewed Cisco Meraki Wireless LAN: A good quality product that is…
Network Security Expert at Seçil Kauçuk
Reviewed Huawei Wireless: Excellent roaming features, good…
ICT Officer at a non-profit
Chief of Engineering at a comms service provider
Reviewed Avaya Wireless [EOL]: Reporting issues are slow and…
IP Network Engineer at a comms service provider
Reviewed Aruba Instant: Stable and scalable solution but…
Group Head at VNMC
Reviewed Ubiquiti WLAN: Good security and reasonably…
Reviewed TP-Link Auranet EAP: Currently we use it for our mobile…