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Director at a tech services company
Reviewed ARCON User Behaviour Analytics: Great compliance, good session…
Director InfoSec and Audit at FIPCO
Chief Executive Officer at a tech services company
Cyber Security Manager at Malomatia
Reviewed ArcSight Analytics: Excellent at correlating logs with…
IP Network Engineer at a comms service provider
Reviewed Aruba IntroSpect: Key features are roaming…
Cyber Security Consultant at a transportation company
Reviewed ArcSight Analytics: Good log monitoring, but the…
Lead Cyber Security Engineer at a insurance company
Reviewed Securonix Security Analytics: Open platform allows us to modify…
Cyber Security Team Lead at Avalara
Reviewed Securonix Security Analytics: SaaS solution enables us to move…
Principle Architect at Tech Mahindra
Reviewed ArcSight Analytics: Has good behavioral analytics and…
Head Delivery & Co-founder at Vincacyber