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BS Systems Engineer at a tech services company
Reviewed Splunk User Behavior Analytics: Great source for measuring customer…
Cyber Security Manager at Malomatia
Reviewed ArcSight Analytics: Excellent at correlating logs with…
Senior Information Security Analyst at a tech services company
Reviewed ArcSight Analytics: Easily creates use cases and…
Lead Cyber Security Engineer at a insurance company
Reviewed Securonix Security Analytics: Open platform allows us to modify…
CEO at Irisk Assurance Consultancy Services Pvt Ltd
PreSales Engineer at a tech vendor
Reviewed One Identity Safeguard: It offers four-eye and gateway…
Head of Cyber Security at KPMG Pakistan
Reviewed ArcSight Analytics: It has improved our system and…
Director of Intellectual Property Protection at a pharma/biotech company
Reviewed Securonix Security Analytics: Spotter tool has helped us…
SVP Insider Threat at a financial services firm
Reviewed Securonix Security Analytics: Identifies threats that would not…
Analyst at Orange
Reviewed ArcSight Analytics: Provides us with valuable…
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