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Reviewed Trend Micro Apex One: From a technology point of view, it…
Manager IT at OTE
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CEO at Haniya Technologies
Reviewed Kaspersky Endpoint Security: A mature product offering good…
IT Engineer at BAZ
Reviewed Fortinet FortiClient: Enables me to spend less time…
System Administrator at Suez Canal Insurance
Reviewed Kaspersky Endpoint Security: The antivirus, the firewall, and…
Presales Engineer at soulco
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ICT Officer at a non-profit
Reviewed Fortinet FortiClient: Targets all the vulnerabilities on…
IS-Operations Security Analyst at a energy/utilities company
Reviewed Forescout Platform: It prevents scanning, malware…
Professional Services Manager at a integrator
Reviewed Trend Micro Apex One: Incorporates many engines like…
Senior Network Engineer at a government
Reviewed Fortinet FortiClient: A trouble-free solution that allows…