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Sr Innovation Coordinator at Advance Auto Parts, Inc.
Reviewed Planview Spigit: Provides real results, metrics, and…
Business Analyst at American Express
Reviewed Planview Spigit: Quickly engages people through…
Technical Manager, Innovation R&D at Enbridge Gas
Reviewed Planview Spigit: Provides the ability to collect…
Manager of Innovation at Ameren Corporation
Reviewed Planview Spigit: Coworkers feel more empowered to…
Sr. Manager of Strategy at Sutter Health
Reviewed Planview Spigit: Provides a mechanism for our…
Lead Intellectual Property Engineer at a manufacturing company
Reviewed Planview Spigit: Lets ideas naturally progress…
Innovation Manager at a financial services firm
Reviewed Planview Spigit: Increases the omnichannel for…