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Solutions Architect at STME
Reviewed NetApp Cloud Backup: Easy to use, easy to install, and…
VP of Product Management at Zadara
Reviewed AWS Storage Gateway: Stable solution but the setup is…
Profesional Services Manager for EMEA
Reviewed AWS Storage Gateway: Flexible, stable, and easy to…
Senior System Engineer at UGT
Reviewed EMC CloudArray [EOL]: Easy to use and the initial setup…
Senior Storage Engineer at a tech vendor
Reviewed NetApp Cloud Backup: There is no one who needs to…
Head of Purchasing at a tech vendor
Reviewed NetApp Cloud Backup: It is a flexible solution that…
Corporate Finance Head at a real estate/law firm
Reviewed AWS Storage Gateway: Better than the traditional way of…
IT Advisor Infrastructure Planner at a energy/utilities company
Reviewed NetApp Cloud Backup: Allows us more flexibility with our…