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QA Automation Engineer at a consultancy
Reviewed Micro Focus UFT One: With regularly occurring…
Performance and Fault-tolerance Architect
Reviewed Parasoft SOAtest: ​It provides easy handling of…
Continuous Delivery Lead at SAI Global
Reviewed Tricentis Tosca: A very different experience
IT Analyst at Tata Consultancy Services
Reviewed IBM Rational Test Workbench: Using service virtualization, we…
Test Automation Developer at a tech services company
Reviewed Parasoft SOAtest: Creates tests automatically based…
Business Analyst at a consultancy
Reviewed Katalon Studio: User-friendly, easy to learn and…
Senior Test Engineer at a tech services company
Reviewed Katalon Studio: Provides cost-effective functional…
Lead Software Test Engineer at Excellus Solutions
Reviewed Micro Focus UFT One: Saves us time in regression…
Senior Technical Automation Specialist at Sixsentix
Reviewed Tricentis Tosca: Has enabled our teams to test more…
Test Automation Lead/Consultant at Aspire Systems
Reviewed Micro Focus UFT One: Supports desktop, web and mobile…