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Cloud Architect, Oracle ACE, Oracle DBA at Pythian
Datacenter TeamLeader at Crystal Neworks Egypt
Reviewed vRealize Business for Cloud: A stable solution to assist with…
Enterprise Cloud Architect - Azure
Reviewed CloudCheckr Cloud Management Platform: Enterprise-grade solution for cloud…
System Engineer at a tech services company
Reviewed Nutanix Xi Beam: Has good compliance and chargeback…
Products Manager at RCARRE SA
Reviewed vRealize Business for Cloud: Hybrid cloud environment with great…
Site Reliability Engineer at Manomano
Reviewed AWS Cost Management: Good reporting helps us to budget…
Solutions Architect and project manager
Reviewed vRealize Business for Cloud: User interface has a new look and…
Director Technology Solutions at Redintegro Consulting Solution LLP
Reviewed Google Cloud Billing: Easy to use solution and the setup…
Senior Infrastructure Consultant at Real Time Services AB
Reviewed CloudHealth: Complete solution for managing…
General Manager at a tech vendor
Reviewed Azure Cost Management: It is stable, the technical support…