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Managing Member at Pender & Associates
Reviewed SentinelOne Vigilance: It works and has not been breached
IT Infrastructure Manager at a computer software company
Reviewed CrowdStrike Falcon Complete: Stable, with good pricing but could…
Director of Tech at a non-tech company
Reviewed LMNTRIX Active Defense: Easy to install, nice dashboard…
Founder & CEO at MIS3 inc.
Reviewed CrowdStrike Falcon Complete: Simple, requires little management…
Infrastructure and support manager at a healthcare company
Reviewed CrowdStrike Falcon Complete: Powerful AI and machine learning…
Senior Systems Engineer at Turner Broadcasting System
Reviewed Alert Logic: It improves our security by…
Network Security Engineer at MODEC, Inc.
Vice President, Security at StackPath
Reviewed CRITICALSTART: Our analysts' efficiency has been…
Director of IT at Solana
Reviewed CRITICALSTART: Filters out the unnecessary stuff…
Sr. Manager, Security Engineering at a financial services firm
Reviewed CRITICALSTART: The transparency of data in the…