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Solutions Engineer at ThinkON
Reviewed Nimble Storage: It has allowed us to upgrade our…
Senior Data Center Solutions Architect at ChaanBeard.com
Reviewed Pure Storage FlashArray: Our clients see a reduction in…
Senior Systems Consultant at a tech services company
Reviewed IBM Storwize: One screen to control multiple…
Technical Head at a tech services company
Reviewed IBM FlashSystem: Licensing has everything you need.
Network Analyst at a healthcare company
Reviewed EMC VNX [EOL]: Can combine drives of different…
Cloud Solutions Architect at a comms service provider
Reviewed Tintri VMstore: Simple to instal and manage. High…
Storage and System Engineer
Reviewed Dell EMC Unity: Has CloudIQ integration, but…
IT Assistant at a construction company
Reviewed Nimble Storage: It will give you a lot insight on…
Independent Analyst and Advisory Consultant at Server StorageIO - www.storageio.com
Reviewed Dell EMC XtremIO Flash: XtremIO, XtremSW and XtremSF EMC…
System Administrator
Reviewed Dell EMC SC Series: It is fast and performs well

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