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Apr 18 2018
One of the most popular comparisons on IT Central Station is JIRA vs TFS  https://www.itcentralstation.c... Which of these two solutions would you recommend for Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) and why? Thanks! --Rhea
Rene De VleeschauwerFirst of all Jira is not an ALM solution. Yes it is part of it, but his main task is issue mgt. The corresponding TFS feature are TFS workitems. For real ALM you need to start from requirements, dev environment , versioning, build, quality assurance and finally production. If you are a pure Microsoft shop go for TFS, if not Jira might be a better choice (for issue tracking..)
Juan-PerazaFor complete ALM, I would consider MicroFocus ALM Octane? I have worked at a shop where I used and was an administrator of JIRA. As Rene stated, it's not an ALM solution. Take a look at this Octane demo -
Claudette SteynbergWe use both. It depends on your application and your budget. For us, the Atlassian suite of tools required to do end-to-end ALM processing is very expensive (currency conversions also does not help). We, therefore, only use JIRA as an incident/support/planning tool. We are a Microsoft partner and hence the VSTS/TFS tool suite is much more affordable to us. The visibility of this tool from backlog item to code, build test and released into production is amazing, but it lacks some of the basic admin capabilities that are well automated in JIRA e.g. as tasks are moved, the status of parent items/stories/epics are not automatically updated in VSTS. This adds a lot of admin overhead for product owners, scrum masters and team members. If it weren’t for budget, the Atlassian suite will be my first choice. If you combine, JIRA, Bitbucket, and Bamboo you would get the same visibility. We also use Confluence extensively as all our documentation are done Wiki style. We found SharePoint just becomes a repository and not a knowledge share platform. Hope this helps! Shout if you have questions.
Is it possible to print or save outputs from testing (i.e. performance qualification) as Adobe pdf?
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We are planning to use HP ALM version 12.5. I was looking at their APIs Q1. Has anyone done integration with Confluence using HP ALM APIs? Q2. Was there an added value to this than just viewing the results from ALM dashboard?
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I want to use HP ALM for test case creation, test case execution and defect reporting and use Rally to manage all development tasks. What's the best way to use both tools without causing double work for the QA analyst?
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Does Leanft tool support Angular 2 applications?  Can JavaScript  based Leanft test be run thru ALM? Does UFT pro require ALM 14.00?
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Hi, I am doing a POC on QC JIRA Integration, for which I am using HPE  ALM Synchronizer.If anyone has used it, I would like to know about following questions: 1. When I set up a link between a QC  project and JIRA project when both of the projects have existing records, will it synchronize existing records as well? My requirement is to synchronize the recent records, not the existing ones. Is it possible? 2. Do I need to set up the HPE ALM Synchronizer on every system from where  the changes can be made to either end [JIRA or QC]? 3. If User B updates the records in QC or JIRA project from System Band, User A runs the synchronizer from System A, will the synchronizer synchronize the records? If anyone has used this tool, please respond. Thanks !!
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At the company I'm working at we are considering using Swift ALM. We use a bunch of disconnected tools today and are looking to move to a suite that allows for integration.  Has anyone used the full functionality of this tool? Capturing requirements, solution design, project management, test case management? I've used other tools like TFS and JIRA.  Anyone have experience and can share? Good or bad.
RenéDe VleeschauwerDear Sir, If I read this well, you are looking for an Orchestration solution. As Gartner says: "A DevOps toolchain can include dozens of noncollaborative tools, making the task of automating the continuous delivery of applications a technically complex and arduous task. IT and DevOps leaders should use DevOps toolchain orchestration to meet speed and efficiency expectations. " Question is what you want/need to Orchestrate. When you just mentioned TFS and JIRA I think your question is regarding issue, defect, work items. Second point: do,youn really want to replace all what you currently have? Or do you want a better view/integration of what you have (orchestration)? If so have also a look at orchestration tools. In case you want to look at Orchestration, please also look at (our solution). René De Vleeschauwer
C AnthonyTFS are good for Development & Test Cases not very good at Requirements Management. Jira reminds me of another development tool as well and supports Agile very well , so does TFS. If you need a requirements tool, I suggest looking a Requirements tool which has integration with these tools. and provides end to end traceability and forward engineers your Test Cases..etc. One RM tool, I do recommend looking at is TopTeam Analyst by TechnoSolutions. it does all of the above and it's easy to use. They also have a great support and competitive with costs. It also has integration with TFS, JIRA & QC. Worth considering and testing
Qaiser Islam, Spc4I have been providing IBM Rational ALM related implementation and consulting services to various clients. Its one of the best ALM solutions available in the market. It provides Requirement Management module, Change and Configuration management module, Quality Management module and Design Management module to cover complete SDLC. Furthermore you can add uDeploy for automated builds and deployment. This solution can also be integrated with IBM functional and performance testing tools as well. You can visit for further information
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I couldn't find the Time Tracker field in CA Agile Central. Can anyone advise?
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We are currently using an earlier version of ALM and we also have some Agile projects using JIRA.    In our environment, the projects are a mix of Agile/Fragile and Waterfall.    From a methodology perspective -- has anyone tried and used Octane and if so -- How does it compare to JIRA?  
Leo BorisovALM Octane is available on SaaS ( or as on premise install. There has been a lot of improvement since June release as SaaS env. is refreshed monthly and on premise - quarterly. In particular, Agile got into real shape with Scrum and Kanban approaches implemented; DevOps are native with integrations to Jenkins, TeamCity and Bamboo.
Robert LintonHi Lisa, not sure my last post made it to here, To attempt to answer your question, consider the following. 1. HPE Octane is an evolution of the HPE Agile Manager (AGM) product , merged with some functionality of HPE ALM. 2. HPE Octane was build from AGM. 3. Octane is the future direction of HPE ALM, it will eventually be merged into Octane. not sure when. 4. Octane is delivered to the market using an Agile development strategy, and a next drop in February will have additional feature / functionality, which will make it more strategic for any IT organization looking to deliver quality software. 5. HPE has a program where current ALM clients can install for free Octane on a 1:1 license model, to try out Octane. I would recommend talking with your HPE Rep and see if that option is available for your group? I believe that Octane has more feature / functionality that JIRA, and is a good direction to consider moving in. Best regards in your endeavors, Robert
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What is preferred as test management tool -- IBM Rational Quality Manager or Zephyr Enterprise? In terms of: -Ease of use -Connectivity and links -Vast Feature list

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