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Reviewed Acunetix Vulnerability Scanner: Versatile solution that can operate…
Performance and Fault-tolerance Architect
Reviewed Parasoft SOAtest: ​It provides easy handling of…
Senior Information Security Consultant at Secure Coat
Reviewed HCL AppScan: A low rate of false positives…
Executive Manager at B2B-Solutions LLC
Reviewed Rapid7 AppSpider: Great for scanning target…
Director - Head of Delivery Services at Ticking Minds Technology Solutions Pvt Ltd
Reviewed PortSwigger Burp: Great design, excellent features…
Information Security Senior Expert (Founding member, African Cybersecurity Center) at a financial services firm
Reviewed Rapid7 AppSpider: Efficient, performs well, and has…
Security Specialist at Alfa-A IT
Reviewed Netsparker Web Application Security Scanner: Powerful Crawler generates close to…
Software Solutions Engineer at Meteonic Innovations
Test Automation Developer at a tech services company
Reviewed Parasoft SOAtest: Creates tests automatically based…
Senior Solutions Architect at NessPRO Italy