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Application Security Code Coverage Reviews

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SonarQube: Code Coverage
Director Product Development at Mycom Osi

We use SonarQube for determining code coverage, finding bugs, and searching for security-related issues in our development environment.

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Chief Solutions Officer at CleverIT B.V.

I am now working in a consultancy company and I work with different clients in different industries. For this reason I implement, for example, a delivery pipeline with the process whereby we need to validate the quality gate of the quality code. Meaning, the developer creates the unit testing and the code coverage, but grants the code coverage for a specific person. In other cases, we used to see what the technical depth was to see if if there are any bugs in the applications - the web application, mobile application and different languages, like, C-Sharp, JavaScript or Java, et cetera.

We deploy SonarQube on-premise on a Linux server and our pipelines were created with GitLab and Azure DevOps. Meaning that Azure DevOps and GitLab are the tools that do the build and release process.

We use Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform a little.

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Automation Practice Leader at a financial services firm with 10,001+ employees

The most important feature is the software quality gate. When that's implemented we're able to streamline the product's quality. The other good features are SonarQube's code quality scanning and code coverage. If we use it effectively, we can capture the software code bugs early in the software development. It also helps us to identify the test coverage for the code that we're writing. It's a very, very important feature for the software developers and testers. 

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