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Ariel Lindenfeld
Sr. Director of Community
IT Central Station
Apr 25 2018
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it_user352938Product maturity, product roadmap, existance of a industry vertical, similar industries references, is it compatibile with standards.
Michael SukachevIt'll all depend on your major focus: Enterprise Architecture, Solution Architecture, Software Architecture, Business Process Management etc. In general I'd look on model verification, compliance with standard notations (UML 2.x, BPMN 2.0) and ea frameworks support (TOGAF, Zahman) along with extendability and manageability.
Madani Basha
Data Architect at a financial services firm with 10,001+ employees
Apr 25 2018
I have an ERwin model.  This is a local model (i.e., not in Model Manager).  I would like to extract the model info into an xls format. Is there a way to do so? Better still, is there a means to reading the ERwin model info via SQL?  Thanks.
Rominder Saini
TL at a tech services company with 10,001+ employees
What is the difference between Sparx system tools , ARIS and IBM Blueworks?
Jeffrey Pope
Storage and Backup Engineer with 10,001+ employees
Looking for a tool that can be used to create IT infrastructure road-maps and life-cycle of existing technologies.  Ideally, permissions (read/change,etc) can be assigned to a technology area.  Being able to report on where different technologies are in the life-cycle, when technologies road-maps were last updated as well as technologies coming towards their end of life.  Most of this is new to me, working at a higher strategic level, so any input would be appreciated. 
Nasser , PMP, TogafHi, Basically, this can be accomplished by using an Enterprise Architecture Suite, where you can document your current existing IT Infra situation and target state. The tool can help you by having a central repository for your assets and technologies that you can build specific reporting and help in decisions of future roadmap and support execution of the digital transformation. the tools such as Mega, Software AG - Alphabet, Avolution, Orbus ..etc
Guillermo Lopez FelipeSoftware AG ARIS and Alfabet combination is the winner horse, imho. Try that!
Jana BensonHi Once again I would suggest Sparx Enterprise Architect. Permission based on user defined roles and accessibility to certain areas. Integrates with SVN ( to enable version control and even more access control. See also This all would indicate that you work from a central repository. Sparx has introduced a cloud-based version which I regrettably did not test or use yet. As said numerous times - a very affordable, extensive modelling tool. Regards Jana

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