Top 8 Business Activity Monitoring Tools

IBM MQTIBCO Enterprise Message ServiceAvada Software Infrared360Software AG Optimize for InfrastructureAurea CX MessengerTIBCO RendezvousReal-Time Innovations DDSOracle BAM
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    I think the whole product is useful. Their database and all is very good, and the product is fine. The fact that it ensures message delivery is probably the most important thing. I also like that you're able to trace and track everything. If it doesn't arrive at the destination, it will go back to the queue, and no message will be lost.
  2. The Enterprise Messaging Server will store the message and wait for other subscribers to come onto the network.​The initial setup is straightforward and the product documentation is very good.​
  3. It has role-based access to queues, giving us more insights into problems.Monitoring that ties into our incident management system
  4. The infrastructure monitoring features are the most valuable. The primary purpose of Software AG Optimize for Infrastructure is to automate the aspects of monitoring various infrastructure and applications. They will definitely automate an alert automatically, but a lot of such tools differ from each other on aspects of various low-level components that they can monitor.
  5. The solution offers excellent stability.ESB: Provides all kind of possibilities to resolve business needs. A lot of ready to use services plus custom Java services. I used a lot of them all.
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