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Jan Quist says in an IBM MQ review
Software Engineer with 1,001-5,000 employees
The most valuable features are the point to point messaging and the MQ API. This solution is simple and very diverse. View full review »
Senior Consutant at a tech services company with 10,001+ employees
This Enterprise Messaging Service has a feature of storing the message, like process change storage whenever you see a sender has sent a message. If a publisher has published his message, then this server sends an EMS. The Enterprise Messaging Server will store this message. If the subscriber of this message is not available, till that time, the server will stall. It will wait for other subscribers to come onto the network. This feature is very useful. View full review »
Ruud Van Zundert says in an IBM MQ review
MQ Engineer DevOp with 10,001+ employees
To be able to programmatically send information stored in 'messages' and send them securely, as well as the ability to check their contents and statistics when things go wrong. View full review »
Reviewer397 says in an IBM MQ review
Principal Solution Specialist at a tech services company with 1,001-5,000 employees
I will say that, okay, we are coming from a long history as an IT company, and we have almost done queuing systems with other solutions. Moving from that implementation to something that is out-of-the-box, and the rave reviews, it was a great asset already. We didn’t have to worry about all the specific configuration, or installation of our own queue, and queuing system, and the brokers, and so on. It was some things a little bit out-of-the-box, that's why we like it. View full review »
Walter Kuhn says in an Avada Software Infrared360 review
ICT Architect (part time) at a tech services company with 51-200 employees
* Role-based access to queues, giving us more insights into problems. * Ease of use: Everything runs in a browser. Thus, it can be used by all interested parties. View full review »
reviewer914592 says in an IBM MQ review
Asynchronous messaging processing between the front-end and our legacy system using an enterprise service bus (ESB). View full review »
Pavel Shcherbukha says in an IBM MQ review
Team Leader of the Development Team at a financial services firm with 10,001+ employees
Reliable integration between MQ servers. IT helps us create flexible integration solutions. View full review »
Soumya Thomas says in an IBM MQ review
VP - Accelya Kale Solutions Ltd with 1,001-5,000 employees
* Data integrity, reliability and security are very important to our business. * No messages are lost, and recovery is good in case of any serious failures. * No dependency on the end party service's run status. View full review »
Alexander Fildish says in an IBM MQ review
Consulting BPM Architect with 10,001+ employees
It runs everywhere, from the mainframe in the US to the PCs in the Gobi desert attached to an analog modem. View full review »
Balanna N says in an IBM MQ review
Architect at a financial services firm with 5,001-10,000 employees
The most valuable features are queue managers and CCDT, which is the common purpose of most client applications. View full review »
Senior Software Engineer at a tech services company with 10,001+ employees
It allows us to achieve synchronous as well as asynchronous communication with the added advantage of making the communication reliable. It is very useful tool. It is also very easy to learn and implement. View full review »
it_user340590 says in an IBM MQ review
Sr. Solution Architect or Program Manager at a financial services firm
* Can process large amount of messages in a small amount of time. * Integrates between distributed systems: For example, it can help integrate processing between mainframe, client-server, web-based applications by integrating the messages, supporting Service Oriented Architecture. * It helps avoid rework by using already developed and working features of the application. View full review »
Upendra Gughane says in an Aurea CX Messenger review
IT Analyst at a tech services company with 10,001+ employees
* Aurea has bundled well-known and widely used technologies like XSLT, JavaScript, XSD, WSDL, etc., which make programmers life easier as there is no need to learn any tool specific coding. * Build and deployment are really easy. * SDM: User-friendly tool which allows for a seamless approach to performing hotfixes, if required. * Environment Setup: Very easy to create a complete environment from scratch. Just to give example on my project, we were able to build a production environment in just 35 minutes after software installation and ready script. * Custom Java service: Allows you to write your own code to fulfill any given requirement that Java can support. This is a very useful feature. View full review »
Margus Nairis says in an Aurea CX Messenger review
ENK lead Developer (Java) at a energy/utilities company with 5,001-10,000 employees
* MQ: I liked that the transport layer was separated from the business (ESB) layer. * ESB: Provides all kind of possibilities to resolve business needs. A lot of ready to use services plus custom Java services. I used a lot of them all. * SDM: Very helpful feature for setting up or updating the whole system for as many servers and environments as you needed. Liked this feature a lot and am missing it. View full review »
CicsMqSy7675 says in an Avada Software Infrared360 review
CICS/MQ Systems Administrator at a financial services firm with 10,001+ employees
The biggest thing that Infrared360 has done for us is secure our IBM MQ environments. With our previous tool, users required universal access to MQ in order even look at objects. View full review »
Gurvijay Bhatti says in an IBM MQ review
Senior Solutions Architect at Department of Justice
Reliability of message transmissions and ability to replay messages in case message ends up in backout queues. View full review »
Dan Atwood says in an Oracle BAM review
Senior Architect at a tech consulting company with 51-200 employees
* It is easy for business users to learn. Those familiar with the concepts involved with creating charts in Excel can start building meaningful reports. * Oracle BAM's ability to be fed information from a variety of sources that include existing database tables, JMS feeds, PL/SQL, BPM and SOA projects. * It now renders dashboards faster now that they are displayed using Oracle's JET product. This also has improved its display capability on tablets. * Although it works stand-alone, its synergy with other Oracle products makes it an excellent fit for Oracle shops. View full review »
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