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What types of insights do businesses gain from BAM as opposed to BI?

reviewer1208820BAM is a great way to look at daily production of your business in real time, using solutions such as DMI (direct machine interface). BI is taking all of the data that you have accumulated and using that data to lead your business into the future with help of tools such as Microsoft BI, Minitab, Microstrategy and so on.
David PiechBusiness Application Monitoring usually involves measurement and monitoring of up time of key systems, whether that be ERP, CRM, HR, etc. System uptime, downtime and performance response time are some of metrics usually associated with BAM. BI analytics are much more granular and business specific such as gross profit, inventory costs, AR days outstanding and are accessed via dashboards and reports.
Jorge BarrosoThe difference between BAM and BI mainly recides in the way that the information is use, for example in many cases the information collected for BI is historical to the bussiness and for support to set goals in short, médium and logn term could be use to establish the estrategic decition most convenient. On other hand BAM, mainly use the information on a day to day basis about the results of bussiness processes and to act proactively to reach the operational bussiness goals of the processes with the information that could be part of the dashboard.
Pramod Kumar
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We have Tibco RV deployed for messaging both request reply and certified delivery in a highly distributed environment.

This is a very old 2004 deployment and Tibco itself has now moved away from RV. 

What could be a good alternative for Bank financial transactions like messages movement with security reliability, no loss and guaranteed delivery in a distributed environment?

Rakesh KanojiaYou may want to have a look at "Workato". It is built on Docker technology & can give near-zero downtime even during upgrades/patching.
Mark MussettYes, RV is very old now and as a company we now sell TIBCO Messaging under which our customers can use and be supported with either FTL, EMS, Apache Kafka, Pulsar or Mosquito. We do not believe that a single 'one-size-fits-all' approach is good for customers hence the reason to give our customers the best flexibility to choose a messaging distribution solution based on their needs and allow them even greater flexibility to adopt different patterns throughout their product's lifecycle all backed by enterprise support from a company that's been in the messaging industry for nearly 40 years.
Deepthi GaddamApache Kafka is a good solution for your requirements. It can handle millions of requests without loss. Even if the messages are not processed you can go back and look at those records.