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Nurit Sherman
Content Specialist
IT Central Station
Sep 29 2019
One of the most popular comparisons on IT Central Station is SAS Visual Analytics vs Tableau Which of these two solutions would you recommend and why? Thanks! --Rhea
John LawsSelection of a tool depends on your tech environment and the intended use of the tool. If you have a strong staff with a data mart, data warehouse or data lake in place then a number of tools would work. Tableau is the 500 lb gorilla, but it isn't as nimble as Qlik, Yellow Fin, Looker or Sisense. If you don't have a large team and want an automated data mart then look at Birst. It isn't as "beautiful" as others, but does a good job of delivering what the customer requires with less work on the back end. Good luck!
Lluis PiquerasI have more experience with SAS VA not with Tableau. Weak points and strengths Tableau - Probably one of the best visualization analytic tools for final users - Cloud or on Premise - Quickly to deploy - Some specific functions to predictive analytics out of the box (linear regression, etc.) - Connectors to Big Data, etc. SAS Visual Analytics - See new features with Cloud SAS Viya (new architecture and integration with other SAS Solutions) - Powerful vision of analytics and statistics with SAS Visual Statistics in the same framework - You don’t need a Data Scientist people to develop predictive or advanced analytics models - Deploy a powerful analytics model in few moments - It supports a Big Data and a lot of connectors. Some payments - No needs code as easy to use - You can use and specific and free App for mobile users - Price: Pay for cores, not users. Weak points It needs a lot of machine resources (RAM and CPU) Very complex to install. You need specific SAS partner support Poor graphics vs Tableau or Qlik Sense Normally you need the Enterprise Guide or other ETL solution to data prepare
it_user97749From my perspective, SAS is very rich but its origin lies in the programming. Therefore, knowledge in setting up programming use and direction is somewhat implied. Targeted to a more technical data science audience. Tableau, on the other hand, is focused on a visual end-user perspective. Therefore, the target is a business analyst who focuses on what the data implies - somewhat agnostic to the statistical techniques focus.
Menachem Pritzker 🚀
Director of Growth
IT Central Station
Jul 19 2019
Which BI tools are the best out of the box for basic calculations that all SaaS businesses need to track to survive? Are some tools better for startups vs enterprise?
MahalingamShanmugamLooker, Domo, Sisense, Tableau, and Power BI are tools are good for enterprise. If you are looking for SMB (Small Medium Business), where you have 5-10 users who use BI for portfolio, then you should look at small Startup (, ToughtSpot etc.) for a per-user license, which is comparatively low in the market.
Patrick MyreholtTIBCO Jaspersoft
Agus KurdiyantoPower BI, Tableau, and Qlik have the capability to do calculations for KPIs, are easy to create visualizations, and also have the capability to get the source from any data sources. Qlik and Tableau have more advantage than Power BI. Qlik and Power BI provide the desktop for personal use. Tableau only provides trials. For the Enterprise version, it has a feature to share and collaborate with the team. Now, only Tableau can deploy the tools on Linux environments (Qlik and Power BI only for windows).
Julian Chan
Business Analyst at a manufacturing company with 5,001-10,000 employees
Jul 10 2019
Hello, Our company is looking to replace our current BI Reporting infrastructure which consists of using BIRT & Pentaho's Spoon. We've found a third party plugin that allows BIRT reports to run in Pentaho's ETL and has lasted us for 7 years.  We are now trying to replace this solution with a more scalable one that fulfils our company's main requirements: - Dynamic Emailing (Users will only receive their own data from a report) - Report Scheduler: Schedule times to send reports to users in email - ETL Capabilities - Dashboards for Management We are also currently utilizing Microsoft PowerBI for Management Dashboards but we want to explore possible solutions. Thank you!
Altan AtabarutI may suggest Alteryx + one of the three {PowerBI, Tableau, Qlik} 1) BI tools are either are really bad at ETL (a lot of coding likle DAX or R or Qliks own language) or worse they don't even have the capability 2) Dynamic E-mailing and Scheduling exists in Alteryx, 3) Plus Alteryx is a full ETL tool that can do in-database and big data without coding #codefree 4) You can scrap web pages, read all sorts of data 5) It also has visual reporting and can output to top 3 BI tools natively... 6) What is best is with alteryx you can do AI, ML too... predictive analytics 7) You can do forecasting 8) Even you can do optimization, linear programming etc. Alteryx + PowerBI is a really economic and game changing solution Alteryx + Tableau you can create fancy graphics Alteryx + Qlik if you are a retailer, sales dept. etc will benefit a lot from associative queries...
Sylvia ChongI’d suggest Cognos because it has the bursting capabilities which can generate a fraction of report data to different users according to their data right provided in a table, coupled with the event studio in Cognos, one can customize the email subject line and contents accordingly to a different recipient. If you use event studio then setup the schedule in event studio else use the report schedule. In Cognos you can generate normal dashboard or dynamic dashboard, please google for the differences. I do not suggest Tableau though it looks fancy because it does not have the Cognos dynamic report delivery function required. I have been using SSIS as my ETL tool (which is free, come with Microsoft SQL server) for many years, so far I do not have any problem with it. I think one needs to at least know SQL query and have some basic script concepts in order to make full use of this tool.
Chandu SekharThey can go for Jasper as it allows them to do below. 1. Scheduling to users with data they need to their mail box 2. Easy to maintain 3. Less licensing cost
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