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Sr Manager, Reporting & Analytics at a leisure / travel company with 10,001+ employees
Hi All, I'm curious to know, for those that have upgraded from a 9.x version of Tableau to Tableau 10, what would you say are the most noteworthy/valuable improvements and features?  We've yet to upgrade as an organization and I've just begun to experiment with Desktop V10, so I'm curious to know what the IT Central Station community thinks!
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Content and Community Manager
IT Central Station
As Big Data is playing an increasingly larger role in decision-making and planning, even on the Executive level, are there certain solutions that are especially easy for non-technical users?
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JhornberI regularly attend local Tableau meetups where different users from the community present a particular project. These are often not individuals from a technical background or role, but work within Marketing, Finance, etc.. One of the common themes from those presentations is actually the use of Alteryx for prepping, blending, and or transforming data before it is pulled into Tableau (which is generally necessary to do beforehand, as the ideal state for Tableau is a single data set). While I do have somewhat mixed feelings about Tableau itself as an intuitive user friendly tool, Alteryx seems to be very effective at simplifying the process of combining and transforming data without relying on a full scale BI team and ETL tools that require deeper technical knowledge.

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