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Jun 07 2021

With so many different options of business performance management (BPM) software, what do you recommend for a large enterprise? 

What makes the software that you recommend a good choice for a large company?

Niels DoelemanWhat do you mean with Business Performance Management Software? Probably it's my lack of knowledge.  In any stance I would suggest using the following step approach:  1. Determine the goal  2. Determine stakeholders.  3. Determine long list  4. Gather measurable requirements (functional, technical, security, financial, support, adoption ratio, etc.).  5. Determine your shortlist  6. Conduct 1 or 2 PoCs   7. Make your choice.
Kim NachazelMost BPM software are designed to accommodate large enterprise.  I think the more important consideration is the primary need of your company, e.g  Data visualization, Data analysis, or spatial analysis, etc.  Many BPMs are flexible enough to incorporate all of this in one application but one is more powerful than the other. For example when it comes to data, Tableau lead in Data visualization but ArcGIS specializes in mapping or you may need SAS for large and complex data analysis.  Meeting your company's key objective would dictate your need for BPM software. Before signing a contract, I recommend conducting a feasibility study and have your vendors conduct a demo to see if are they are cut to meet your company's primary need.