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Self Employed/Independent at a consultancy
Reviewed Mule Anypoint Platform: Mature unified platform for iPaaS…
Head of IT at a pharma/biotech company
Reviewed SEEBURGER BIS: Removes complexity through…
Partner For Experience & E-Business at a retailer
Reviewed SEEBURGER BIS: EDI translator enables us to move…
Integration Specialist at a logistics company
Reviewed SEEBURGER BIS: Gives us the flexibility to work…
Application Manager - EDI at a transportation company
Reviewed SEEBURGER BIS: Enables any-to-any transformation…
Enterprise IT Architect at a Consumer Goods
Reviewed Magic xpi Integration Platform: A low-performing integration tool
Regional Vice President for Operations at a software R&D company
Reviewed Mule Anypoint Platform: A solution with good integration…
Senior Software Engineer at a tech services company
Manager at IDAZCO
Reviewed Actian Pervasive Data Integrator [EOL]: PDI 10 - so far it has been a…
Integration Team Lead at Wincanton
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