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Information Security Specialist at a insurance company with 1,001-5,000 employees
Nov 01 2017
I work for a medium-sized regional insurance company.  We currently have no CASB solution, and we're evaluating vendors now.  Specifically, we're looking at: - Microsoft Cloud App Security - Skyhigh - Netskope - Bitglass - CipherCloud Does anyone currently use, or has previously used, those products?  I'd love some pros and cons regarding them. Thank you!
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Yixuan WangHi Tim, I'm currently a student and doing research about cyber security market, may I know how do you narrow your list down to these 5 vendors?
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Andrew S. Baker (ASB)I have only done a peripheral review of CASB vendors in the past few months, but I do agree that the top ones to consider right now are Skyhigh Networks and Netskope. When looking at a CASB, be sure not only to consider if they offer all the right checkboxes, but take a look under the covers to see how they are handling those checkboxes. Sometimes, integration between the components is severely lacking or disjointed even when they have a high feature list.

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