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Branden Emia says in a ShieldX review
Senior Systems Engineer at Larry H. Miller Management Corporation
* It is good for its cost. * It is very easy to use. * It is very easy to scale. * It is easy to implement and doesn't take long. * They have a good support team with training and videos on different things. I create CIDR groups or workload names for either IPs or servers. In the CIDR groups, I have either multiple IP addresses or I am just doing it by the IP range. If I create a CIDR group type, then I tie an ACL control to what devices I want. This is where I am spending most of my time, creating these groups and tying them down to where they only talks to certain servers. I am also finding out that there are more things talking to each other than I originally thought, which is good. I thought one server was only speaking to these set of IPs, but they are actually talking to quite a bit of IPs. What I like about it now is that it has a single pane of glass to view our networks and groups. Also, in Vmware, it creates its own distributed switches instead of using my current VLAN distributed switches. View full review »
Brian Talbert says in a ShieldX review
Director of Network and Connectivity Solutions at a transportation company with 10,001+ employees
The primary features are being able to isolate and segment workloads, both within our data center and in the cloud, and to get visibility into what the applications are doing. The application visibility is the most important feature for us at the moment. The reason that it is so important is that we are migrating a lot of workloads from a legacy data center to a new data center, and that ability to have visibility into the application flows allows us to build the rules and policies for the newer data center. The Adaptive Intention Engine is fantastic. It allows us to develop security policies using the language of our internal customers. It's machine-learning applied to security workflows. That allows us to much more easily construct the policies that will protect those workflows. ShieldX also enables us to migrate to cloud environments faster. That is an important part of it for sure because it takes the exact same policies that we would apply to our on-premise environment and enables us to simply apply them to the cloud. It becomes one policy for both on-prem and for the cloud. It gives us a lower dollar-per-protected-megabyte than a traditional firewall, but it's also consuming fewer resources in our network environment because we're not having to send our traffic out of the virtual environment just to send it back in. It also helps with lower maintenance costs. View full review »
Andrea Andrea says in a McAfee MOVE review
CTO at a tech services company with 1-10 employees
The most valuable features are the integration with different modules like the DLP. It's a complete endpoint and you can extend the endpoint using additional modules. This is at times useful for customers with a lot of different data that they don't want to lose, so they integrate it with a DLP module to check the USB drivers and USB mass storage as an example. View full review »
MichaelProcyshyn says in a ShieldX review
IT Director at Park Holidays
The most valuable feature is the automatic scaling. With its microservices, it scales both up and down, depending on traffic and throughput. The traffic through our website depends on holiday bookings. It's very quiet in November through January, and then our traffic picks up quite rapidly and, at our peak, we will take in excess of a million pounds of business a day through our website. The UI was also one of the huge selling points. My web development manager was blown away with the detail and the granularity that you can get out of the UI. It is a very strong and informative UI, with the amount of data it provides. Uptime on the system has been 648 days and we do very little to it because it self-updates and alerts. It does everything that we need it to do, so the administration side of it is zero. One of the beauties about ShieldX is that it's such a good "fire-and-forget" product. View full review »
reviewer1053252 says in a McAfee MOVE review
Technical Presales Consultant/ Engineer at a wholesaler/distributor with 10,001+ employees
Sophos only provides signature-based scanning, a basic antivirus. It is not enough for an advanced attack or advanced threat. It's weak. McAfee can integrate with the existing fabric. I really like this aspect. It enables all of the security parts to talk to each other. McAfee synchronizes security across the security fabric. They cross communicate. This is one aspect that is a huge gap with other security products. McAfee minimizes the threats. View full review »
reviewer651714 says in a Trend Micro Deep Security review
Solution Expert -Security at a financial services firm with 10,001+ employees
The HIPS feature, as well as the monitoring around the file integrity, are very valuable aspects of the solution. The vulnerability scanning reduces false positives by quite a bit. View full review »
Brice ABRIOUX says in a Cisco Tetration review
Information Security Engineer at ENEDIS
The most valuable feature of this solution is security. We check processes on the different components of the virtual machines. View full review »
Yevhenii Pedchenko says in a GuardiCore review
Security Engineer at INTRASYSTEMS LLC
The solution is still new to us, so I don't know if I have a list of its most valuable aspects. View full review »
reviewer1037232 says in a Cisco Tetration review
Head Cloud Workload Protection & CTO at a tech vendor with 11-50 employees
The solution offers 100% telemetry coverage. The telemetry you collect is not sampled, it's not intermittent. It's complete. You see everything in it, including full visibility of all activities on your endpoints and in your network. Other valuable features include vast support for annotations, flexible user applications, machine learning, automatic classification, and hierarchical policies. View full review »
NetworkEfaaf says in a Cisco Tetration review
Network Engineer at a media company with 1,001-5,000 employees
The most valuable feature right now is to do with having visibility on the network — especially on our servers — and to be able to enforce some type of security measures. This is mostly to combat processes that shouldn't be running on the servers. The data analytics and all the data that it gathers are very useful. It creates a fast turn around to improve the speed of decision making so we can decide what we need to do to remain secure. View full review »
Pavan Raj says in a Cisco Tetration review
Data Center Manager at Cox Communications
The most valuable feature of the solution is that we don't have to do packet captures on the network. View full review »
Senior Security Specialist at a tech services company
The most valuable feature is the virtual patching. This offers protection of the application before it can be patched by the actual vendor. View full review »
SenRegdir567 says in a Cisco Tetration review
Sr. Regional Director, US East at a tech services company with 11-50 employees
While automated micro-segmentation is in itself valuable, application dependency mapping is time-saving and efficient. View full review »
Fidel Deforte says in a GuardiCore review
Solutions Architect at Alturna-Tech
The first use case that was most valuable was the security policies and the micro-segmentation because it allows the clients to comply with their auditing requirements, keeping traffic separate internally. Additionally, it allows the security policies to be implemented in a minimum amount of time, under 10 minutes, compared to how they did it before, which took days. Those are the two primary justifications and goals of the clients. View full review »
Owner at SIS International HK Limited
Application Dependency Map. View full review »
Rayees Tamton says in a Trend Micro Deep Security review
Data Center Manager/Support Delivery Manager at Salam Technology
The most valuable features are web security, email filtering, and content filtering. The user interface is very friendly, and it is easy to control things from the policy. View full review »
MangingDir45657 says in a Symantec Data Center Security review
Managing Director at a tech services company with 51-200 employees
The most valuable feature is that the protection of the hard disk security is built in, so it is a ready-to-use product. The monitoring in the management console allows us to find out what is going wrong, and it gets reports even before the user reports it. Having it in advance of the user is important because it takes time to comprehend. Once we know what is going on and who is doing it, we can act accordingly. We have created our own workflow mechanism as an outcome of this, and we can update the identity and provisioning if any modifications need to be done. View full review »
Diego ALVES DA SILVA says in a VMware NSX review
VMware NSX Specialist with 5,001-10,000 employees
Visibility, because on our environment, it's impossible mapping end to end, and we don't have any tools that provide this integration. View full review »
fhofman says in a Cisco Tetration review
Presales Engineer at a comms service provider with 10,001+ employees
The most valuable feature is the auditing. They prove that we don't have out of scope conversations between servers that are not allowed. View full review »
Darko Petrovic says in a Cisco Tetration review
Solution Architect at Comtrade Group
Scalability is its most valuable feature. View full review »
Matthew White says in a Trend Micro Deep Security review
Production DBA at a financial services firm with 51-200 employees
* IDS/IPS * Host-based firewall I am also currently looking into the newer integrations with our various other security tools. View full review »
Luis Henriquez says in a Trend Micro Deep Security review
Hewlett Packard Enterprise Solution Architect at a tech services company with 11-50 employees
* Security capabilities in a Smart Scan Agent. * It provides full protection against vulnerabilities. * It has the ability to assume and maintain several IT requirements. View full review »
Erin Xavier says in a Trend Micro Deep Security review
Systems Administrator at Alfred Publishing
* Its reliability: We have one centralized place to look at threats. * The ease of installing it for users. View full review »
Swami Venkat says in a Trend Micro Deep Security review
CTO at a tech vendor with 1-10 employees
* They delivered what they said that they would. * The IDS and IPS features. View full review »
DevOpsEnb3ed says in a Trend Micro Deep Security review
DevOps Engineer at a financial services firm with 501-1,000 employees
Their support is good. They are responsive, which is nice. View full review »
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