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Nov 23 2017
What is your recommendation in choosing an integration product for implementing fusion applications? ICS or ODI?I have heavy duty file processing in interfacing Cloud ERP with many 3rd party systems, but not they are not voluminous. Which would you recommend?
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Jurijs (Yury) Fjodorovs ICS and ODI are not mutually exclusive, and can be used in a tandem, ICS is good for publish and subscribe patterns, also has lots of adapters such as file, ftp and various SaaS adapters. ODI is for heavy transformations, but has almost no concept of publish and subscribe (there is pub/sub pattern within ODI but is not the same as messaging pub/sub). So, I would use ODI for heavy transformations on large files if required, ICS for integration via out of the box provided adapters.
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Which ETL tool is be better to use on Azure Cloud? Informatica or SSIS? Can you lists the pros and cons for both ETL tools?

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