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Ariel Lindenfeld
Sr. Director of Community
IT Central Station
Aug 29 2018
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Sam MelehyI would advise anyone looking for a cloud management platform to first take a checkpoint on their cloud strategy. If you want the ability to manage a hybrid cloud environment from one pane of glass, you need to ensure that the vendor truly supports all cloud platforms (i.e. vmware, hyper-v, AWS, Azure, Google, OpenStack). There are lots of CMPs out there making lots of claims about platform support. Best to do a POC and make sure you understand the limitations.
Chris MihmAbility to provision across multiple clouds and show chargeback
Marina ThiryMany good tips are already posted. Begin with understanding what type of compute resources you will be managing and your stakeholders' business objectives for using a cloud management platform/service/tools. That way you can focus on what is most meaningful for your situation, such as flexibility, speed, cost, traffic volume, etc. A friendly reminder to not overlook ease-of-use features from an administrative perspective, such auditing and billing.

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