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Does SAP MDG provide cloud based master data management where customers can host their MDG on cloud? If there are any relevant links to it, can you please provide them? Thank you.
Please give me the differences in features between Informatica Cloud MDM and Informatica MDM.
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What do each of the major MDM suppliers (Informatica, IBM, Oracle, SAP) provide as MDM Capabilities within their core MDM licensing (i.e. Matching, Deduplication, Searching, Modeling, Analytics, Integration / ETL, Database technology)? For instance, I understand that IBM InfoSphere provides some basic ETL capabilities as well as licensing to use DB2 for the database.   Does their user interface include Data Quality capabilities? or like Informatica, do you have to buy their IDQ tool as well? I think for Informatica, I'd have to buy their MDM, IDQ, Integration (or another ETL solution) and BPM components; Oracle would be UCM, EDQM, ?, etc. What are all the capabilities needed for an overall MDM solution (i.e. Matching, Deduplication, Searching, Workflow, Modeling, Analytics, Integration, Domain / cross-domain, Governance tools to change / commit / rollback, what else?)?
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