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Todd says in a Turbonomic review
Network Specialist II at a government with 1,001-5,000 employees
The ability to monitor and automate both the right-sizing of VMs as well as to automate the vMotion of VMs across ESXi hosts to insure that all resources are being utilized at peak efficiency. View full review »
Rodney Barnhardt says in a Turbonomic review
Server\Storage Administrator at a manufacturing company with 501-1,000 employees
When you log in to Turbonomics, I find the Assure Service Performance that appears on the dashboard the most useful item. This option shows virtual machines that may need additional memory, CPU, or to be migrated to other storage to ensure performance. The product can be configured to do all of this automatically, but I like have more control of the changes. Plus, the way we have our storage configured, it is best that one of the admins selects which data store a machine is migrated to. I also like the reporting feature and have several of them set to automatically generate and email to me at the end of the month. One in particular shows snapshots that are still on the virtual machines. This prevents forgotten snapshots from existing for weeks, months, or even years. View full review »
jhutton says in a Turbonomic review
Senior Network Engineer at a K-12 educational company or school with 1,001-5,000 employees
We like the option to create our own dashboards for each team member. Also the availability for Turbonomic to migrate my machines around in my environment makes my job easier. View full review »
Stephen Baker says in a Turbonomic review
System Administrator at UL Workplace Health & Safety
The biggest value I'm getting out of VMTurbo right now is the complete hands-off management of equalizing the usage in my data center. VMTurbo distributes all of my VMs equally across all of my hosts. I don't ever have to think about when a host is in more heavy use if there's going to be constrain on that single host that it lives on, because it rearranges everything for me through VMotion control. View full review »
Mark Kaplan says in a Turbonomic review
Senior Director of IT at a K-12 educational company or school with 51-200 employees
Its ability to scale up and down on demand allows for maximum cost efficiency. By dynamically analyzing our loads, the product can sense if resources need to be adjusted. It can also tell if another configuration of the same power would be cheaper in another region. View full review »
LUCAS GIANPAOLO says in a NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP review
Project Development Coordinator at a logistics company with 51-200 employees
One of the features of this tool is the ease of use, in addition to the control access and the dynamics with which it is structured. View full review »
Analyst at a non-tech company with 201-500 employees
La característica más valiosa se define por la seguridad en la que se muestran los datos y las acciones recíprocas para establecer los criterios de búsqueda. Su funcionalidad y soporte técnico son adecuados para ayudar a prevenir fallas debido a errores. Funciona muy bien con datos externos cargados en la nube desde otras plataformas. La integración ha sido exitosa y segura. View full review »
Storage Supervisor at a energy/utilities company with 10,001+ employees
Some of the most valuable features of ONTAP for us are the reliability and availability. We have a lot of built-in functionality within ONTAP to provide back-ups and restore at the volume level. Also, individually if we need to restore specific files within a volume. It's been very helpful us to have that. Within ONTAP, some of the new features that we've been utilizing recently are the FabricPools which we think is great. One of the new services is the cloud volume service that's available within AWS and Azure that we're really liking. We use ONTAP in the public cloud for Linux NFS mounts, as well as Windows CIFS volume shares. A lot of times multiple applications or systems will need to share that data and NetApp ONTAP in the cloud really allows for all those applications to utilize shared data in their application communication. NetApp ONTAP, easily, in our environment, allows for a 3:1 compression ration on average. That's really helped, whether it be on-premise or in the cloud, to help drive down cost utilization in our systems. There's a number of systems that we have that run pretty high utilization. That data reduction helps us prevent from having to continue to expand those systems. View full review »
AwsArchi57bf says in a NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP review
AWS Architect at a manufacturing company with 10,001+ employees
* Ease of file storage. * Ease of use. View full review »
SrSystemf052 says in a NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP review
Senior System Engineer at a tech vendor with 1,001-5,000 employees
The support is its most valuable feature. They provide on-call support and responds to issues in a timely fashion It also offers disaster recovery. View full review »
LeadStord24a says in a NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP review
Lead Storage Operations at Autodesk, Inc.
The most valuable feature of Data ONTAP is it's very user-friendly, It gives the administrator or engineer a lot of scope to look into the locks. It has a fair amount of visibility into what is happening. We do not have to depend on the support all the time. If you have a fair amount of experience with NetApp, you can work on it very easily. View full review »
Asim Masood says in a NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP review
Director of Applications at Coast Capital Savings Credit Union
It manages our environments with a single purview of data management, especially as each variant of ONTAP uses identical metadata and file system formats. Then, data can be universally managed and manipulated throughout the data fabric. SnapMirror helps mirror metadata and data volumes between endpoints in a data fabric. View full review »
SystemsPd6ff says in a NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP review
Systems Programmer at a university with 10,001+ employees
The ability for our users to restore data from the Snapshots is very valuable. View full review »
Eric Schoenfeld says in a Turbonomic review
Alliances Director, Data Center at a tech consulting company with 501-1,000 employees
Automation: The ability to make changes, up or down, and move resources in order to ensure performance, making our investments last longer. View full review »
James Koepsel says in a NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP review
Principal Architect at a aerospace/defense firm with 1,001-5,000 employees
* SnapMirror * SnapVault * Fast, persistent storage in the cloud View full review »
SatishShattar says in a Densify review
Sr Technical Manager - Performance & Capacity Management at a tech company with 10,001+ employees
The Densify Control Console, and Environment Status. View full review »
Thomas Ryan says in a Densify review
Performance and Capacity Management at a tech company with 10,001+ employees
Control Console and Reservation Console. The Control Console is an incredible way to give a quick view of current capacity utilization allowing technical people to drill down quickly and allowing business/management people to get a quick overview of the environment. The Reservation Console is excellent for new incoming demand to determine placement. These two features seem as though they will have continual functionality into the foreseeable future and can improve processes while saving substantial time. View full review »
MandarKulkarni says in a Densify review
IT Architect at a tech company with 10,001+ employees
There a lot of good features. One would be the automatic rebalancing of the environment. That was one feature which helped. With that, we could improve our efficiency of our VMware infrastructure. The second thing is analyzing the workload factors of each and every virtual machine, and then build on the analyzing workload patents. Densify helped us to improve the performance of the software by changing the configuration, like a bump-up or a bump-down of the infrastructure. This, again, helps improve customer satisfaction, if the VM is poorly configured, from a CPU memory or a storage point of view. And it also helped if this particular working machine is oversized and is not utilizing the resources which are allocated to it. We could bump down the configuration, and thereby improve our efficiency and the capacity management of our environment, so those were the key things. Plus, the overall recording mechanism is a positive. Then, when we started with this product, we were in a project deployment model, or rather we were ramping up the infrastructure. We were migrating products from the current workload to the new workload. And one of the features that helped us was to understand the capacity based on the incoming workload. So, we were able to model the incoming workload into the infrastructure and identify how the environment would look after the new workload was added into. So Densify was able to help us with modeling and resource planning. It simply helps me analyze my infrastructure relatively easily. The data that we get from it is very phenomenal. It also gives us the ability to look at the future modeling of our environment, which helps in terms of planning the capacity, planning. If our workload is going down, we can reduce our infrastructure baseline. If the workload is increasing, we can increase the baseline, and it helps us define that. Also, it helps us optimize the overall infrastructure. View full review »
reviewer717258 says in a Densify review
Capacity Manager at a retailer with 10,001+ employees
I think it's going to form quite a key element within a number of areas for deployment, deployment release, change management, and for managing our test environments. I have a lot of ideas how we can incorporate the technology with integration to our other systems to leverage what we have and what they deliver. View full review »
Jay Newman, Cdcdp, Cdcmp says in a Densify review
Team Lead, Infrastructure at a tech services company with 201-500 employees
We leverage Supply and Demand Planning for Virtual Infrastructure to assist in proactive management of resources. By having a realistic forecast of available resources over intervals such as 90 days, six months and one year, we are able to make budget allocations earlier and with more precision. The Control Console provides a very easy to read dashboard of "too little/just right/too much" resources both for current data and on a historical or predictive basis. View full review »
seniorte713622 says in a Densify review
Senior Technical Architect at a media company with 10,001+ employees
Densify's ability to aggregate multiple on-premise vCenters and multiple cloud accounts, gives it a level of visibility not found in many places. Outside the obvious capacity recommendations and optimizations, the filtering and views provided by this aggregation have been invaluable. View full review »
Engineer613 says in a Densify review
Engineer at a tech company with 10,001+ employees
The features which are most important: * The ability to increase server density inside of my environment, which has helped me drive reduction in costs. * The features to identify risk or bottle necks in my environment that help me avoid operational incidents. * Lastly, the feature to do the personnel management and resource planning for my forecast and outlook of the incoming workload. View full review »
Shachar Furman says in a Velostrata review
Product Manager at a tech services company with 1,001-5,000 employees
The solution implements three features which are of great value: * With Velostrata’s streaming-based approach to migration, I am able to start running apps in the cloud environment in a few minutes, regardless of how much data is associated. No special overhead costs. No need for post-migration adaptation. No need for a complex migration process that can take days or even weeks. * Velostrata is agentless, which can save many hours of labor per server, and because it moves the actual instance of the application to the cloud, cutover is fast, does not require complex synchronization and does not risk data loss. * Before Velostrata, the complexity of migration projects left me in a public cloud vendor lock-in after choosing my supplier. Velostrata grants me the freedom to move applications back on-premise or to another cloud provider. View full review »
Chris Childerhose says in a Turbonomic review
Solutions Engineer at ThinkON
The ability to automate moving of VMs, Capacity Planning and Reporting have been invaluable to our monthly reporting. View full review »
SeniorDif2e5 says in a Densify review
Senior Director at a insurance company with 10,001+ employees
The features and capabilities which we are using right now that are driving the most value are the analytics within the public cloud. If we go out and optimize workloads internally, we get greater density, more use out of our assets, but there's not a real financial savings in terms of green dollars, maybe cost deferrals, and things of that nature. If I know a VM is running hot or has too many resources, I do not necessarily know if this is production or nonproduction, or if it supports a critical revenue generating application vs a sunset application that has little business value, etc. Integrating ITSM/EA applications with Densify data is extremely powerful and provides true business context. As this is communicated to leadership, we stop talking in terms of a VM or cluster and now about the risk/opportunity of the business service. For the public cloud, it's green dollars from day one. If we can go out and if we're paying, as an example, a $100 a month to Amazon and we're able to right size or modernize the workload and we're able to save $50 a month, that's true $50 of savings back to us. View full review »

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