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Head of Software Delivery at a tech services company
Reviewed Google Drive Enterprise: Sheets and Docs are easily tied in…
Application Support Leader at a software R&D company
Enterprise Solution Architect at a software R&D company
Reviewed Google Cloud Storage: Keeps customer data secure and well…
Vice President Cloud Operations at a tech vendor
Reviewed Azure NetApp Files: We can expand on-the-fly without…
Reviewed Google Cloud Storage: An easily scalable solution that…
Director at 3GEN Data Systems
Manager at Zeste Informatique
Reviewed G Suite Enterprise: Built-in multifactor authentication…
Senior Manager at Restaurant Magic
Reviewed Azure NetApp Files: Easy to use, excellent technical…
Solution Architect at ES
Reviewed Huawei FusionStorage: Provides block, object, big data…
Consultant IBM Maximo at a tech services company
Reviewed Google Cloud Storage: User-friendly, flexible, and stable