Container Virtualization Features

Read what people say are the most valuable features of the solutions they use.
Ian Leon uses Docker
Designer and Developer at a tech services company
The most valuable feature of Docker is by far is creating your own image. By creating your own image, you can have an environment for whatever you are working on that is exactly how you want it. The idea that you can create a machine this quickly, use it, destroy it if you want, build upon it, take things out, and rebuild very quickly is very useful. For example, you could add a command that installs a certain tool to your Dockerfile and build that image. Your image now has that tool. If you want to get rid of that tool, you just get rid of the line from the Dockerfile, rebuild the image, and it’s like you never installed that tool. It gives you a feeling of complete control. By comparison, doing the same thing with something like Vagrant would take a lot of time. With Docker, building an image is so fast that it’s practically disposable. View full review »

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