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Need archival software comparison for IBM OPTIM,Informatica ILM, Delphix. - What database it will support? - Performance - System Requirements - Cost - Support - Recommendation to use which one and why Thanks in Advance
Andrew Crouch Hi, I can’t help re Delphix but see below for IBM Optim and Informatica archive solutions. Need archival software comparison for IBM OPTIM,Informatica ILM, Delphix. - What database it will support? Both IBM and Informatica will support all the main DBs, mainframe and distributed. IBM have a tool called Federated server which helps connect to any obscure databases you may have. Informatica might need a little more fiddling and has had issues around connecting to obscure data sources. Both are now archiving unstructured data but be careful around cloud (SFDC etc), they may not be as far ahead as they claim. Try before you buy. SAP can be a problem. - Performance Would not choose one over the other re performance. To an extent it’s down to the kit you provide and often clients look to save here especially where kit performance affects license. - System Requirements Again similar although the Informatica solution may have higher needs, probably looking at a min 8 core server to run the software. Often clients are looking at cheapest option they can get away with. Will need at least 1 repository data base created which has to be either DB2, Oracle or SQL server. Might need a separate server for that. Compression rates are excellent for both. Both will need storage for archive files. I recommend getting a detailed breakdown on the infrastructure required up front and how it might impact performance. - Cost You are likely looking at 6 figure sums for both, also think about services for getting you going which is likely a 4-6 week project. If you buy at an end of quarter you might get better discounts. They may be licensed slightly differently from IBM to Infa so comparing like for like may need some investigation. - Support Interesting one in both cases. Informatica have been running down both development and support for Archiving which was a bought in product and does not integrate with its Powercenter toolset. IBM have ‘outsourced’ development and support for Optim. I would be more worried about Informatica at this point. - Recommendation to use which one and why I would tend towards IBM but make sure you understand whats happening re development and support moving forwards. I would definitely get a PoC run to prove it can achieve your main (especially obscure) requirements. Surprise Surprise Sales will promise the earth but the reality can be very different especially around connecting to certain Data sources. Neither tool is aimed at users, you will need a techy. You can automate many of the processes but will need ongoing BAU/management.

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