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Find out what your peers are saying about Oracle, Informatica, Microsoft and others in Data Integration Tools.
218,735 professionals have used our research on 5,617 solutions.
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The total ranking of a product (and the bar length) is based on a weighted aggregate ranking. For Views, Comparisons, Reviews, and Followers the score is calculated as follows: The product with the highest count in each area gets the highest available score of 17.5 points. Every other product gets assigned points based on its total in proportion to the #1 product in the category. For example, if a product has 80% of the number of reviews compared to the product with the most reviews then the product's score and bar length for reviews would be 17.5% (weighting factor) * 80% = 14.
In the final section, Average Rating, there are 30 points available to each product independent of the other products.
Reviews and ratings that are more than 24 months old, as well as those by resellers, are excluded from the rankings.

What is Data Integration Tools?

According to IT Central Station users, data integration is all about data and governance quality. Our members want to be able to transform, organize, review, and find all sorts of data (including unstructured data, flat files, etc.) quickly and easily. Data integration tools should be customizable with efficient processing, source agnostics, real-time monitoring and debugging, and provide good documentation. Reusability and connectivity were also ranked as important factors.

Data Integration Tools Reviews

Read reviews of Data Integration Tools that are trending in the IT Central Station community:
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Data integration report from it central station 2017 07 01 thumbnail
Find out what your peers are saying about Oracle, Informatica, Microsoft and others in Data Integration Tools.
218,735 professionals have used our research on 5,617 solutions.
Data integration report from it central station 2017 07 01 thumbnail
Find out what your peers are saying about Oracle, Informatica, Microsoft and others in Data Integration Tools.
218,735 professionals have used our research on 5,617 solutions.

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Data Integration Tools Articles

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Lead Consultant
Over 8 years experience as project manager Over 10 years experience with database analysis and data mining Over 8 years of PL/SQL, HTML, and Java Scripting Over 6 years experience with Oracle, DRM, Oracle Data Integrator and other ETL tools Over 3 years experience with using ESSBASE... more>>
Reviewed Oracle Data Integrator (ODI): I have used it to improve run-times of many...
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EPM/BI certified Consultant, Oracle ACE and TeraCorp Consulting CEO
Ricardo has been leading and developing EIS/EPM/BI/DSS applications for over 20 years including 10+ years of Hyperion-specific experience (the last 9 years in global projects to a fortune 100 client). His core expertise is on design, development, and optimization of Business Intelligence... more>>
71a29f2f 8832 4dfe b435 cedcd4452011 avatar
Enterprise DWH Architect - Oracle ACE Director
• Honored as Oracle ACE Director on Business Intelligence expertise. • Awarded as Oracle Excellence Awards, Technologist of the Year 2011 : Enterprise Architect. (formerly known as - Oracle Magazine's Editors' Choice of Awards : Enterprise Architect of the Year 2011) • Presented at Oracle Open... more>>
Reviewed Oracle Data Quality: I like the ease of management within ODI.
04a71fac 541e 466e 940f 46f4f5cfba6c avatar?1439329614
Oracle BI & DW Consultant
DW/Business Intelligence Architect/Developer: Oracle data Integrator(ODI 10g, 11G) Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition(OBIEE 10G/11G) Data Warehouse best Practices, DW optimization and performance enhancement (Slowly Changing Dimensions, Change-data-capture, Materialized views,... more>>
0c9bce29 fb0a 4f7e a93d be896202f2cc avatar
Technology Architect
Expertise in designing & developing solutions in Greenplum which is a distributed and massively parallel processing (MPP) database engine. Expertise in performance tuning Greenplum design for extracting best performance leveraging MPP capabilities. Expertise in data modelling (Conceptual,... more>>
Reviewed Informatica PowerCenter: We were able to overcome all the performance...
D5555ca7 bd65 453c 9b0c 3f135d79238b avatar?1436899911

Technical Advisor
As Technical Advisor, Michael spends his time developing the training program at Gluent and sharing the good word about Gluent products with the world. His expertise in data integration technologies enable him to provide a unique perspective to customers. In his spare time, Michael, an Oracle ACE... more>>
Reviewed Oracle Data Integrator (ODI): ODI is a flexible tool that can adapt to fit your...
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Principal Consultant
I love data. I love to categorise it, manipulate it, study it, and share it. Data Warehousing is how I satisfy this love and Business Intelligence is how I show it to others. Any type of data - music, words, pictures, numbers, ... Specialties: Data modeling, data architecture, ETL, Cognos... more>>
2f0416d5 16f9 4a04 9831 097055af2635 avatar?1451852562

Sr. Research Analyst - Data Management Practice Head
I am actively involved in information management, business management, and the intersection of the two. What a great field! It is constantly changing, and is rich with opportunity to contribute, to teach, and to learn. I provide strategic consulting, mentoring, and guidance for Business... more>>
A3b41508 505f 49d8 9d87 1801a7e601de avatar?1437653619
Consultant - Oracle ACE
Jérôme is a DW/BI consultant at Rittman Mead and an ODI enthusiast. Analyst, architect and developer, he built expertise with Oracle Data Integrator, Oracle Warehouse Builder and Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition. He also delivers Oracle Data Integrator trainings for Rittman... more>>
Reviewed Oracle Data Integrator (ODI): With the Knowledge Modules, we're able to create our...
Piotr lipski li?1414331704

TOP 20
Business Intelligence Consultant
I am a highly qualified Data Analyst and BI Specialist with almost 20 years of experience in IT and a thorough understanding of contemporary business models. My major areas of interest are Enterprise Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence solutions. I am also a big fan of Scrum. I have... more>>
Reviewed Oracle Data Integrator (ODI): It allows us to create scripts and share them across...
6bf39b14 42b2 4609 aa61 a7cff1b00064 avatar
Sr. Consultant - Software Development
IT professional graduated in computer engineering with extensive experience in the Business Intelligence (BI) area. Deep knowledge in Oracle technology and ETL processes working with Oracle Data Integrator (ODI), Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) and BI tools as a lead consultant and... more>>
Reviewed Oracle Data Integrator (ODI): If it doesn't connect out-of-the-box to a specific...
F5744a0e 2116 4998 b2eb eaa68fba6978 avatar
TOP 20
Oracle Business Intelligence Consultant
Reviewed Oracle Data Integrator (ODI): It allows us to use many languages to develop and to...
Reviewer108354 li?1414332543

TOP 20
Manager of Data Analytics
Reviewed Informatica PowerCenter: Costly yet Effective & Efficient tool for...
Anonymous avatar x100
Senior Consultant
Reviewed Actian Pervasive Data Integrator: The product helps us create and maintain a data...
Reviewed Oracle Data Integrator (ODI): The enhanced security model and debugger are nice...

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