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Data Architect at World Vision
Reviewed WhereScape RED: Significant architectural issues
Lead Consultant at Applied Governance
Reviewed Talend Data Management Platform: You can create a separate file for…
EPM/BI certified Consultant, Oracle ACE and TeraCorp Consulting CEO at TeraCorp Consulting
Reviewed Oracle Data Integrator (ODI): We can make all the EPM tools work…
Founding Partner at Altdata Analytics
BI Practioner - Consultant at KIS Ltd
Reviewed WhereScape RED: Improves development time and ease…
Data Architect at levvel
Tech Lead at Complete Enterprise Solutions
Reviewed SAS Data Management: Scalable and stable with excellent…
Integration Architect / Specialist at a tech services company
Reviewed TIBCO BusinessWorks: A very scalable solution but there…
Data Scientist at a tech vendor
Owner at 7Spring Consult
Reviewed Informatica PowerCenter: Integrates well and assists with…