Top 8 Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Tools

Symantec Data Loss PreventionEndpoint ProtectorForcepoint Data Loss PreventionDigital GuardianCode42 Next-Gen DLPMcAfee Total Protection for Data Loss PreventionMicrosoft Endpoint DLPGTB Technologies Inspector
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    Good end point encryption and data loss prevention. The exfiltration capabilities are great. You can put all of these rules in the product to detect the patterns and text.
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    It is fantastic in terms of the granularity of the policies. It has many built-in policies, and we can add or create more policies as well. It is perfect, and it gives us more options. We have some users who go outside and then come inside. With EPP, we can even control those users who are outside. If they need to access the media that we are using right now, we can provide OTP messages so that they can access the media even when they are outside of their organization. With our previous solution, we were facing some issues in doing this.
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    The built-in rules, templates, and content classifiers are among the most valuable features. Some of the built-in patterns are good places to get started with. Along with the phrases, they are helpful in putting together policies and fine-tuning our policies.
  5. The feature we call desktop recording is the most valuable aspect of the solution. Not only can we collect data from the user's usage, but we also capture his screenshots when he is trying to steal the data.
  6. Code42 Next-Gen DLP is scalable. The solution is very stable. Very rarely do we have any issues with it. We don't have to deal with bugs or glitches. It doesn't crash or freeze. We find it to be reliable.
  7. You can manage your compliance in line with legislation such as GDPR and POPIA. The interface showcases threat incidents very well.
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  9. The auto-labeling feature is definitely the most valuable feature. It goes in and labels the documents for you in different repositories. It covers the Outlook and Exchange repositories along with SharePoint and OneDrive. It is really helpful in those areas.
  10. The most valuable feature is we can develop what we want. If we have an old or new requirement, they are able to support us to develop it all within one month.

Advice From The Community

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Steven Palange
Hi, I'm a consultant looking for a Mac based endpoint antivirus that includes DLP.  Anyone have any ideas aside from who just raised their pricing by over 100%.
author avatarAndrei Bigdan
Real User

Antivirus and DLP are separate products even for vendors that provide both. Of course you need to understand what DLP features comply you best.

There are three common approaches:

1) DLP by content. Classical DLP Suites utilize fingerprinting (Forcepoint, McAfee, GTB, Symantec, etc.). Doing content detection by only keywords and regular expressions it's a way to mess of false-positives (Trend Micro, Palo alto etc.) 

2) DLP by context. Digital Guardian is the only true endpoint DLP within this approach.

3) DLP on/off. The most stupid way is to block or pass everything by rule ON or OFF (without checking content or context). I even can't name this solutions as DLP.

For your case GTB DLP or Digital Guardian is an answer. Of course if you forget to insist to contain antivirus. Digital Guardian works as endpoint security too because it prevents access from ransomware to confidential data and could check signatures via Virus Total, but it is still not antivirus, it's rather EDR (endpoint detection and response) that is much efficient than any traditional antivirus.

author avatarMahesh Chenchalapu
Real User

you cant get DIP and antivirus in a single app, DIP and ANTIVIRUS both are different applications, you have to purchase separately.

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Find out what your peers are saying about Broadcom, CoSoSys, Forcepoint and others in Data Loss Prevention (DLP). Updated: July 2021.
522,946 professionals have used our research since 2012.