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Daniel Samuel
Senior Consultant - Cybersecurity - Data Protection at a financial services firm with 10,001+ employees
I am a Security Consultant working for Ernst & Young LLP, based out of Houston. I am part of the Data Protection (Cyber) team helping Fortune 500 clients in Data Protection. One of my clients is a Non-Profit organization and they are trying to enhance their DLP environment. Currently they have Digital Guardian deployed at their endpoints. Typically they run their 'Data in Use' show with limited capabilities.  They want to enhance their DLP Solution in Network (Data in Motion), Data at Rest, Data in Cloud and Data in Use (at endpoints). They would like to evaluate new DLP vendors. We have shortlisted Digital Guardian, Symantec, McAfee, Forcepoint, Skyhigh, and RSA-DLP. Which of these vendors would you recommend and why? Do you recommend any others to consider? If you have a product comparison matrix, I would greatly appreciate it if you could share it.
Rahul-RanjanIn market there is multiple solution available as you mentioned. I have evaluated the DLP solution with multiple vendor product. From my point of view you should go with McAfee CASB & FORCEPOINT CASB solutions McAfee is giving feature like · Data loss prevention (DLP) · Security information and event management (SIEM) · Secure web gateway (SWG) · Next generation firewall (NGFW) · Key management service (KMS) · Access management (IDaaS) · Information rights management (IRM) · Enterprise mobility management (EMM/MDM) · Directory services (LDAP) FORCEPOINT · Cloud application discovery · Data classification · Real-time activity monitoring/analytics · Device and location-based access control
Divyang P As a security Pre-sales, solution should be evaluated based on below criteria. 1. Level of Security the Solution Provides 2. How easy is to implement, to administrate the solution 3. Cost. 4. Post sale support There are three major players in the market, McAfee , Symantec and Force Point. Personal rating of all these product are as below. 1. Symantec (Note: Symantec has it's CASB product, Please check if it integrates with DLP) a. Level of Security: 4/5 b. Ease of implementation and Administration: 3/5 c. Cost: very costly, 4/5 d. Post sale support: 4/5 2. McAfee (Note: McAfee acquired Sky-High to integrate it's DLP with CASB) a. Level of security: 3/5 b. Ease of implementation and Administration: 5/5 c. Cost: very costly, 4/5 d. Post sale support: 4/5 3. ForcePoint (Note: ForcePoint's CASB integrates with it's DLP but minimum license numbers must 500) a. Level of security: 4/5 b. Ease of implementation and Administration: 4/5 c. Cost: very costly, 4/5 d. Post sale support: 4/5 If you're looking for budget friendly solution, you should opt for RSA or Digital Guardian.
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