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Data Architect at a non-profit
Reviewed Melissa Data Quality: SSIS MatchUp Component is Amazing
Associate Team Lead at a tech services company
Reviewed Talend Data Quality: We needed to stop manually finding…
Business Data Analyst at a healthcare company
Reviewed Melissa Data Quality: Reduced direct mail errors.
Data Consultant at a tech vendor
Reviewed Talend Data Quality: Visual jobs are easier to…
Director, Information Technology at a financial services firm
Reviewed Melissa Data Quality: We are able to validate/correct…
CTO at a comms service provider
Reviewed Melissa Data Quality: We can identify cell phones before…
Junior ETL Developer at a marketing services firm
Reviewed Talend Data Quality: Heap space issues plague us…
Office Services Manager at a government
Reviewed Melissa Data Quality: NCOA keeps our membership addresses…
Data Scientest at a health, wellness and fitness company
Reviewed Talend Data Quality: ​Data ingestion​ ​has reduced…
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