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Business Analyst Sr at a university
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Sr Manager, Finance Systems at a non-tech company
Reviewed PeopleSoft: The software, and...
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Senior Technical Analyst at a healthcare company
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Senior Applications Software Analyst at a university
Reviewed PeopleSoft: We're happy with the support...
Anonymous avatar x100
Project Manager - JD Edwards at a tech services company
Reviewed JD Edwards EnterpriseOne: ERP system that provides...
91160bab 54c2 443b bcd9 1818d46b2b93 avatar
Application Analyst at a manufacturing company
Reviewed JD Edwards EnterpriseOne: Provides easy maintenance, fast...
201afd72 695d 4e46 b52f 8331311c2db4 avatar
Systems Architect at a Consumer Goods
Reviewed JD Edwards EnterpriseOne: Generates financial reports that...
956bf600 bfff 462e b55a 1e368cf5216d avatar
JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Specialist at a non-tech company
Reviewed JD Edwards EnterpriseOne: Development tool that provides...
31c1c4ce 9a2b 4f2a 8cb9 8698f3337e31 avatar
JD Edward Technical Consultant at a tech services company
Reviewed JD Edwards EnterpriseOne: The EDI and z-file processing...
388f2dc0 872b 4d7f a671 348689b56a2f avatar
Functional Consultant & Advisor at a construction company
Reviewed JD Edwards EnterpriseOne: Easy to set up, user friendly,...

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