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Systems Engineer at McMillan LLP
Reviewed Veeam Backup: By moving the Veeam server to a...
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Datacenter operations at a comms service provider
Reviewed Zerto Virtual Replication: It's HW agnostic, with no impact...
Anonymous avatar x100
Director of IT at a performing arts
Reviewed Vembu BDR Suite: The online backup feature allows...
80070b09 cb70 4f34 b5b7 5debd547a636 avatar?1446558578
Data Center Engineer at Strategic Solutions of Virginia
Reviewed Veeam Backup: It drastically lowered the...
VMware SRM NSX SDDC Consulting Engineer -Trainer at Plan IT Virtual, LLC
Reviewed VMware SRM: The solution allows...
Anonymous avatar x100
IT Infrastructure Executive at a energy/utilities company
Reviewed Veeam Backup: By using an adequate number of...
B384fb9f 4ba4 4cfb a198 a8ffa443b189 avatar
CEO at a tech services company
Reviewed Altaro VM Backup: Easy restore for entire virtual...
Anonymous avatar x100
Second Line / Drifttekniker at a tech services company
Reviewed Vembu BDR Suite: The valuable features are...
9c1057b8 0905 4f16 98e8 a668b66e1958 avatar
Senior IT Engineer at a tech services company
Reviewed Veeam Backup: With WAN acceleration, we send...
Rodney barnhardt li?1414331737
Server\Storage Administrator at a manufacturing company
Reviewed Zerto Virtual Replication: The fact the you can group and...

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