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    The solution is very flexible, so you can create anything you want. Think of the possibilities you have in Excel or in Word, because these are the two document generators that are used the most. I only use Word, but I can use nearly every feature in Word, including making charts and tables, and produce those features in Windward, parametrically.
  2. The ability to embed, and dynamically repeat, templates within each other is a very simple yet extremely powerful tool.Globally, the ability to create document templates in several formats by using a rich syntax is simple and clear to understand.
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Document Generation Tools Articles

Genesis Abel
Digital Marketing Strategist at Windward at Windward Studios
Nov 04 2020

Choosing the right document generation software doesn’t have to be as confusing as many first-time users find it. With this quick guide, you can easily evaluate a product based on its features and how it can be applied within your business.

Document Automation Vs Document Generation

Understanding the difference between the two terms is the first step towards being able to choose which software is best for you. Many people are confused by the tinge in the similarity between the two, but document generation is a subset of document automation.

Document Designer

Designing templates make up the basis for document generation. Microsoft Office is the preferred template designer, although some solutions may utilize other alternatives. You need to consider what you would be comfortable with. While Word is the most preferred platform, some documents (say, financial reports) may require Excel or PowerPoint to design them.

You also need to take into consideration the limitations imposed when you choose certain designers. For example, Google Docs may not have a wide choice of fonts.

Key Features to Consider

In the search for the right solution, you need to match the following features with your use case. If these features don’t offer a solution to your unique use case, you should consider a different product.

  • Designer add-in to enable editing tags (preferred) right in MS Word
  • Drag and drop doclets and No-code behind to handle dynamic data needs
  • Smart Query wizard to select data (especially for non-developer use)
  • Integrate multiple datasources
  • Option to hide tags for less clutter on the template
  • Template importing ability for processing tags within child templates

Essential Functionality to Consider

Depending on what you intend to use the software for, you will find certain functionalities essential for your day to day document generation needs:

  • Ability to support complex functions especially when using tags
  • Document locking for sections of a document using different file types
  • Management of validation, errors, and notifications
  • Support for different Word form fields
  • Excel references and pivot tables

Guide to Product Capabilities

If you have JSON data that needs to be tapped into to populate the template then you must ensure the document generation software you choose can support that. Making a choice will involve answering a series of yes and no questions as you consider capabilities like programming languages, datasources, and output formats. The type of documents you generate will determine most of these answers.

Final Advice

Make a list of the different solutions that come close to meeting your document generation and automation needs and then compare their performance in relation to how you intend to use them. Remember, there isn’t a one size fits all, you need to find one that fits your document generation purpose like a glove.

There will be other features that can make or break your decision to go with one product instead of another. Check here for a comprehensive guide on how to choose the best document generation software.

Genesis Abel is a Digital Marketing Specialist at Windward Studios, the #1 ranked document generation solution on IT Central Station.

Find out what your peers are saying about Docmosis vs. Windward Core and other solutions. Updated: March 2021.
475,208 professionals have used our research since 2012.