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Top 8 Email Archiving Tools

Kerio ConnectVeritas Enterprise VaultBarracuda EssentialsGoogle VaultMimecast Mailbox ContinuityVeritas Enterprise Vault.cloudBarracuda Message ArchiverProofpoint Enterprise Archive
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    We have contacted technical support a handful of times and received some assistance.Kerio Connect is secure, flexible, and easy to control from the user interface. It has many security features able to be controlled from one place, such as anti-spam. I have found it very convenient. Additionally, you can analyze log files and share folders which is helpful.
  2. The most valuable features are ease of use and performance. However, the performance can depend on the workload being used.The archive allows the customers to search any items as far back as five or ten years ago.
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  4. We now have a secondary backup of Office 365 that's much easier to retrieve compared to Microsoft. If someone deletes something in Office 365, we can get it back within Office 365, but it's difficult. Barracuda is much easier. There is a lot less management needed using Barracuda. The management becomes much easier for Office 365 and it's no longer on-prem, so there are fewer hours managing on-prem devices, servers, and things of that nature. We don't have network appliances anymore for the backup of our information.
  5. In my opinion, the search functionality is the best feature. With Google Vault, we can quickly search for any email within Gmail accounts. And then we can get further information, such as if you want the full header or want to know any extra details about the emails.
  6. The Large File Send feature comes in handy when you have to send fairly large attachments. The security is pretty good, and that's why we're going to upgrade to an even more advanced package. We used it when we had a power issue, and it works. It has been pretty reliable, and the support has been quite good.
  7. The initial setup is pretty straightforward.
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    554,676 professionals have used our research since 2012.

Is email archiving necessary?

For organizations in which data permanence is a priority, email archiving tools are a necessity. Prior to the emergence of email archiving software, organizations would rely on users to maintain their own email archives and IT teams were responsible for backing up a user’s email. If an organization has to monitor and curate data from thousands of mailboxes with thousands of communications, email archiving becomes an essential tool. Once emails are archived, the archiving platform provides a searchable index, giving you the ability to sift through bulk emails in minutes instead of weeks. Moreover, email archiving is necessary to satisfy industry regulations which oftentimes require preserving all email communications in the case of an audit or investigation.

With an email archiving software system in place, your organization will also be able to complete quick and efficient backups in case a ransomware attack happens. In case your email system is ever the target of a cyberattack, archiving software guarantees that business operations are protected and don’t get compromised, and it also ensures that your email data is preserved and managed properly.

Where do archived emails go?

When emails are archived, they reside in a secure repository that lives outside of production environments. When incoming or outgoing messages are received, they are indexed along with any attachments that may be connected to them. The contents of the email are then retained and saved in their original format, and preserved in a read-only format.

What is an email archiving solution?

An email archiving solution is a solution that involves an automated process for all emails (incoming, outgoing, and internal) whereby email communications are captured, indexed, deduplicated, and archived. This can be done via a cloud environment or an in-house appliance. Email archiving solutions have become a fundamental part of corporate electronics record management and information governance.

Do archived emails take up space?

Archived emails certainly have an impact on storage capacity. Each communication takes up space. However, if an attachment recurs in more than one email message, email archiving software will only save one instance. More storage can be reclaimed by reducing the number of electronic message communications on mail servers. Once this is completed, backup times are also accelerated.

Should I archive or delete emails?

With limited space to store thousands of emails, most people tend to delete them rather than archive them. However, if your end goal is to be able to access or retrieve business-critical information within those emails at a later date, it is worth your time to archive them. Once deleted, emails are no longer searchable. Some organizations even go the extra length to impose mailbox size limits to prevent performance issues. Archiving emails can be better than deleting them so your organization can remain compliant with federal and industry-specific regulations. It can also be helpful to archive emails rather than delete them because it can protect your business from potential legal actions. Moreover, archiving emails minimizes the risk and liabilities that can occur from poor management of records.

Challenges of Email Archiving Software

While exceptionally useful for many archives, email archiving software can also be complex and difficult to use. It is not uncommon for email archiving software to frequently incur spiraling costs because of the rate at which email archives continue to exponentially grow. Unfortunately, many solutions cannot scale as quickly as growing enterprises need. Enterprises also experience challenges when they need to merge email data from legacy systems. A merge can often be a time-consuming process because it involves massive amounts of data, and the process can result in being more complex than expected. Not only that, but it utilizes more time than IT teams can actually afford to spend working on it when other high-priority tasks need to be completed. In addition, not all legacy email systems are compatible with newer technologies, which can make data migration even more cumbersome and costly.

Email Archiving Solutions Benefits

The benefits of email archiving solutions include:

  • Reduces storage requirements
  • Helps prevent email clutter
  • Simplified backup and restore
  • Increased server performance
  • Elimination of mailbox quotas
  • Accelerated search capabilities
  • Accounts for all users
  • Reduces administrative overhead
  • Eases the pressure on overcrowded server rooms
  • Lowers costs
  • Eliminates PST files
  • Helps ensure compliance
  • Prevents users from losing data
  • Eliminates human error
  • Typically tamper-proof
  • Easy to monitor communication channels to make sure employees are not violating any policies

Email Archiving Solutions Features

Some of the best email archiving software features include:

  • Intuitive and fast search access to stored email data
  • Thorough regulatory compliance
  • Simple management of complex and business-critical email data
  • Cost-efficient operation

How to Choose the Right Email Archiving Solution

Selecting the solution that’s best for you can be a challenge, but not if you properly do your research. When you are trying to decide which choice would be most suitable, make sure to invest in a solution that is scalable, cloud-based, and secure. Another helpful tip is to ensure it fully complies with both agency regulations and federal laws that are specifically applicable to your industry. In addition, it is useful to have a drag-and-drop feature so that users can easily move messages in and out of their inboxes as needed. Look out for a solution that has intuitive search capabilities, and also one that provides mobile access to personal email archives on the go from virtually any device.

Email archiving and management solutions can become costly and complex if not handled by the right software. IT Central Station (soon to be Peerspot) users advised users to look for email archiving software that will be end user-friendly to cut down on confusion and the number of misplaced archives. The software should take care of the user data and make it easy to retrieve this data. Additionally, members suggested looking for high-throughput and storage space that is easy to expand.

Find out what your peers are saying about GFI, Veritas, Barracuda Networks and others in Email Archiving. Updated: November 2021.
554,676 professionals have used our research since 2012.