Enterprise Agile Planning Tools Features

Read what people say are the most valuable features of the solutions they use.
Quality Assurance at Varroc Lighting System
* Plan views * Reporting (JRS) * A clear picture of engagement * Resource orientation * Chartered views Plans clearly represent the team's availability with load balance, if any. Reporting in certain formats along with live data is certainly helpful to present to higher management without the need to generate them repeatedly. View full review »
Mohamed Sadek says in a Microsoft Azure DevOps review
Lead DevOps and Release Engineer-L2 at ITWORX
* Linking the project teamwork (bugs, tasks, user stories, test cases ) with the code, build, release, delivery * It's a matter of integration to have only one platform for all your software development life cycle. View full review »
Steven Tompsett says in a Micro Focus ALM Octane review
CDA Engineer at Hastings
* Octane is built on the SAFe framework, which is the agile methodology that we are currently following. * The capability that it has for so many out-of-the-box integrations is a fantastic feature. * The very clean, easy to use UI that it promotes. View full review »
Gerd Fladrich says in a Micro Focus ALM Octane review
Test Manager at a financial services firm with 1,001-5,000 employees
The most valuable feature of Octane, in comparison to ALM, is the whole Agile approach, that we can run it with the sprints and have it better connected to the whole development process. The other feature is the pipeline, so that we can now connect to Jenkins and then have all the results from testing, from external, in the tool, so that we can see the whole approach from there. Many things are nice so it's hard to say what is best; for example, the way it's organized. We can work with labels so we have better filtering solutions than in ALM. And it's much smarter and leaner to use than ALM. View full review »
ProcessO7962 says in a Micro Focus ALM Octane review
Process Owner E/E Test Management at a transportation company with 10,001+ employees
It's the tool with the best UI and lots of options. I could continue for hours. View full review »
Venu Cherukuri says in a Micro Focus ALM Octane review
Lead Solution Architect at a Consumer Goods with 10,001+ employees
We did an extensive market scan and evaluation before settling on Octane, even though we've been an HPE customer and Micro Focus customer for many years. When we wanted to get into Agile planning tools, we looked at all the market-leading tools, but we did not find anything quite as comprehensive as ALM Octane. When I say comprehensive, it's not just a single tool for Agile planning, backlog management release, sprint planning, etc., but it also has a built-in, comprehensive quality management module. It also has pipelines where we can hook up with our DevOps ecosystem/toolchain. The real power of this tool is how comprehensive it is, the breadth of what it covers. View full review »
it_user458409 says in a Micro Focus ALM Octane review
Test Community Manager at Orange
The most important feature is the integration of all the different features in just one tool: Agile management system, requirements management system, test management, defects management, automatic test execution. Really, if you're looking at other tools, you will never find all that integrated into just one tool with all the traceability, with all the elements in just one place. For me, that's one of the main advantages of Octane. View full review »
Thomas Hall says in a Rally Software review
Director of Delivery at Physicians Mutual Insurance
The main value that we get out of Agile Central is the transparency it allows us to provide, both from the team level all the way through the executive level within the company and the work that we are doing. View full review »
Bryan Nelson says in a Rally Software review
Agile Coach at T-Mobile
It really helps with getting the alignment between strategy and execution for the product teams, all the way down to the delivery teams. View full review »
Sean Du Sart says in a JIRA Portfolio review
Technical Manager at a tech services company with 1,001-5,000 employees
The number one feature is that the product makes it easier to collaborate. I think that is the most important point even though it is not perfect. Another point is that the interface is not exactly rocket science and it is fairly easy to learn. It is very much driven towards use like Microsoft or any of the other core applications available. For project and portfolio management and in terms of incident management — things like that — it is not that complex. To rate it on a scale of one to five as to what it needs to do in this category, I'd give it a four-out-of-five. It is easy to get help from the community. So that is also a bonus. But that is like the situation with most software now. View full review »
IT Governance Senior Consultant at Axianseu Digital Solutions S.A.
It's a good solution for portfolio management and to manage all the projects that you have with the client. It's easy to manage all the resources in projects as well as all the costs involved. The interface is user-friendly. It's one of the most user-friendly on the market, and the most complete. View full review »
JackCaine says in a Planview LeanKit review
Agile Delivery Lead at Eliassen
It makes work visible, so everybody knows where everything is. It uses Kanban, and that makes work visible. It is pretty easy to find your way through LeanKit. It supports all of the classes and services associated with the cost of delay, so various types of swim lanes. So, it is very flexible that way. View full review »
reviewer1194969 says in a Polarion ALM review
You can see the work ticket and you can circulate that within the teams. You can define your flows, customize according to your needs, and you can create dashboards and create the reports according to your needs. The version is not a distributed version of those systems. I think after requiring the kit by Microsoft most of the parties who are already using different ALM tools, they are moving towards Azure DevOps. Microsoft should be dedicated to moving the teams, creating new features, and making the Azure DevOps most straight-form independent. I have been using Siemens Polarion for three years but I haven't found out a way that you can use it in your own methodology for content management systems. If you were to say that everything is integrated and it's a complete solution, I would say it's not. View full review »
Abdulrazzaq Huneidi says in an IBM Engineering Workflow Management review
IT Agile Supervisor at a comms service provider with 501-1,000 employees
All of the features work together to provide a powerful holistic solution - from the dashboard all the way through to security. View full review »
Steffen Bärschneider says in a JIRA Portfolio review
Test Manager at a financial services firm with 11-50 employees
The dashboard is the most valuable feature. The user experience is very good, it's easy to use. View full review »
Christos Stentoumis says in a JIRA Portfolio review
Co-Founder at up2metric P.C.
We use all of the features. The most valuable features are the reporting of the speed of the team's progress and the long-term organization of our projects in the timeline. View full review »
SantiagoMalinowski says in a JIRA Portfolio review
Agile Coach at a tech services company with 201-500 employees
All of the charts, including the Burndown chart, are very useful for us. The graphics and the resolution of the work are very good. The JIRA command line is also a very valuable feature. View full review »
AvinashBais says in a JIRA Portfolio review
Agile Consultant at Capgemini
The workflow configurations of this solution is what I value most. View full review »
Serge Pflumio says in a JIRA Portfolio review
Owner at YggVal
It is difficult to narrow it down to features. It's one solution as a whole and to point out certain features is complicated. View full review »
DevoPLM544 says in a JIRA Portfolio review
PLM Development at a transportation company with 10,001+ employees
The best feature for us is that it is a centralized database. Everyone has access to it. It is a single source of tools. We no longer have to clumsily copy and reconcile Excel spreadsheets. View full review »
Servdeskpredict67 says in a ServiceNow IT Business Management review
Service Desk and Prediction Manager at a consultancy with 5,001-10,000 employees
The CMDB, and the database of assets that we are using are the most valuable. After that, we really enjoy the incident management, and change management features. The solution offers a lot of opportunities for integrations. We can integrate with Slack, Azure, all the API alternatives, etc. There's a lot of integration modules provided. View full review »
ITSysManageri867986 says in a Microsoft Azure DevOps review
IT System Manager at a financial services firm with 1,001-5,000 employees
The Repos, Wikis, and pipelines are all excellent features. View full review »
Cldengin57 says in a GitLab review
Cloud Engineer at a transportation company with 10,001+ employees
In GitLab, the most valuable feature is using information with a repository and using a containerized approach. You can use containers to create different jobs. The dashboard and interface make it easy to use. View full review »
User at a energy/utilities company with 10,001+ employees
The ability to interact with various other Azure services like for a deployment or using CICD was very helpful because when we leverage it for Azure IT helps. There's no CICD pipeline available. They provided us with some of the plugins to deploy that onto the Azure IOT edge. View full review »
Ove Holmberg says in a Microsoft Azure DevOps review
Enterprise Agile Coach at Knowit Require
The most valuable feature for us at this stage is the Azure Boards. I really like the user interface. For comparison, I have been using JIRA for several years now, and I am rather skilled at using that tool. The reason for my using Azure DevOps is because my client uses it. My first impression of DevOps, after using JIRA, is that it has a much better, more intuitive, and more user-friendly interface. That first impression is still valid, today. View full review »
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