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Connect with LinkedIn20
Add photo15
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Add project20
Write review40
Review is liked25
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Ask question10
Answer a question20
Comment is liked10
CEO at a tech consulting company
Network Manager / Senior Network Engineer at Warnock, Tanner & Associates
Reviewed SharePoint: We are using it for boarding...
Server\Storage Administrator at a manufacturing company
Reviewed Citrix ShareFile: You can securely share files...
Senior Data Center Solutions Architect at a tech company
Reviewed SharePoint: Provides team site sharing,...
Solution Architect for New Products and Services at a comms service provider
Reviewed Microsoft OneDrive: It's linked with Microsoft...
Reviewed Citrix ShareFile: Customers can give access to...
Tech Support Staff at a government
President and Founder
IT Program Manager at a university
CIO at a insurance company
Reviewed IBM FileNet: Interoperability with IBM...

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