Enterprise Intranet Features

Read what people say are the most valuable features of the solutions they use.
Garett Patria says in a SharePoint review
OTA Manager, VRA at US Army - TARDEC
* Its configuration management ability is critical for document-based systems. * It offers ease of use, which is crucial. View full review »
reviewer907167 says in a SharePoint review
Cloud Solution Architect at a tech services company with 1-10 employees
* Data classification * Search These two elements are cheap. View full review »
Gian DE Bernardi says in a Jive review
VP - International Business at Amtex S.A.
This solution provides great flexibility of permission control within a collaboration platform. View full review »
CeciliaPretorius says in a Micro Focus Vibe review
Technical Specialist in Laboratory at a consultancy with 51-200 employees
What I like most about this solution, is the fact that I can access it anywhere and customize it to my needs. We still have a few teething problems but we are currently using it extensively in our lab. I would still like to use the workflows - I haven't instrumented workflows yet, but I think it can make the solution work even better for me. But the feature I find most valuable, is the accessibility from anywhere. View full review »
Eric Wyatt says in a SharePoint review
IT Director / CIO at Matanuska-Sustina Borough
The most valuable features are the Integrations, web site, and search. View full review »
Cecil Rupp says in a SharePoint review
User at Command Results, LLC.
The most valuable feature of this solution is the integration with MS Project. View full review »
MichaelSoliman says in a SharePoint review
Owner at Alopex ONE UG
This solution is a workflow operating system with many metadata services. Information is taken and automatically triggers actions. The specific action is based on the information itself, which is used to calculate a complex answer that results in the action. View full review »
Cesar Danecke says in a SharePoint review
Information Technology Supervisor at PUCPR
The online editing capabilities, file sharing, auditing, information security, ease of solution management, and the easy user adaptation to the platform are the most valuable features. View full review »
VeyselOzdemir says in a SharePoint review
Managing Director at Ictnet
Sharing and workflow. View full review »
Alfonso Alvarez says in a SharePoint review
* The lists handling is perfect, and any kind of content linked to them very easy to publish. * Creation of communities is very straightforward. View full review »
Bob Batdorf says in a SharePoint review
HRIS Consultant at Express Scripts Holding
* SharePoint lists * Calendar * Subsites * Security * Survey * It is easy to administer as a business user. View full review »
ChristopherGallagher says in a SharePoint review
Delivery Director at Ciber, Inc
Libraries, lists, and reporting. View full review »
Seniop9887 says in a SharePoint review
Director at a consultancy with 51-200 employees
The workflow feature is valuable because it enables us to cascade responsibilities. It cyclically keeps tabs on work and to what extent it has progressed, where it is stuck. That feature is really very helpful. View full review »
Kamaruddin Yusop says in a SharePoint review
Senior Consultant at Mesiniaga
Co-editing of documents. This enables teams to work on the same document and the work gets done faster. View full review »
informat1007124 says in a SharePoint review
Information Technology Manager at a transportation company with 501-1,000 employees
Ease of implementation. Certainly, IT needs to give appropriate access to a sandbox, but learning is easy and quick. View full review »
Prabhat Mittra says in a SharePoint review
Founder & CEO at Solution Enablers
Adreana Gani says in a SharePoint review
Senior Systems Analyst at KWSP
The list library. And also the document libraries. And also other apps like survey which is heavily used in the company. View full review »
Rigard De Wet says in a SharePoint review
CIO at MMI Holdings
* Document libraries (tagging and search) * Lists * Workflow (added) * Security * Alerts * Publishing features and co-authoring. It is functionalities that improve the efficiency of the employee workforce. View full review »
MichaelSoliman says in a SharePoint review
Owner at Alopex ONE UG
The metadata services, the WCF service integration and the Voxel feature are three most valuable elements of this solution. The Voxel feature, for obvious reasons, because you want to implement business processes and you do not want them to stop if the machine stops so they have to be automatically started. This is What the Voxel feature in SharePoint does. The managed Metadata allows you to define your own notions or terms denoting notions within your companies. And I if I want to disarm them, or disarm power supplies of different types, I need something to denote the names pointing to entities, any program can identify. Perceptively it does what people used to do with the pens and pencils, on paper. For Millennials, by taking a note of what to do on the paper or stone or whatever they have been using and let anyone else read it and execute with it. So what any back flow or business process you have did legal one for King Nebuchadnezzar 2,700 years ago or for any business where you are taking a phone call, we two are doing right now and writing down something or I have to remind myself to do whatever and sent that over to pop and be while having receipts from department A and have to digitally sign it and send out the paper. It streamlines everything for us. All of this business processes, people have been performing solely within their minds. Maybe automatized with the structural feature, but it depends on all the metadata that has been stored within the managed metadata, service, user profile data or whatever. So you can not just say, "Oh, I want to send a car" to whom do you want to send it to. Which car do you want to send? So, all of these parameters have to be stored somewhere else. This is what drives the business process and SharePoint solution allowing you to automatize them. View full review »
James Lewis says in a SharePoint review
PCV Engineering & Bus Driving Recruitment Consultant at Likewise Consulting
* Records center * Shared calendar. View full review »
Monica Deshazo says in a SharePoint review
Owner at CTC
The product makes it easy to manage lists, forms, searching, and security. One of the most valuable features is its integration with Active Directory. View full review »
Jan Coley says in a SharePoint review
Director, Business Development at Armedia
* The collaboration is incredibly helpful. * The ability to have version control and co-editing is vital to our workflows. View full review »
Salvador Sibrian says in a SharePoint review
IT Solutions Architect at a transportation company with 1,001-5,000 employees
Basically, it's just for internet and communication. It's not a busy implementation. View full review »
Kumar_Rajesh says in a SharePoint review
Vice President & Head Technology Transition at a tech services company with 10,001+ employees
A combination of: * Auditing * Logging * Collaboration. It has been very useful and easy to use. View full review »
SysMan2876 says in a SharePoint review
System Manager at a financial services firm with 11-50 employees
It's stable. It's very widely used by companies. Also, the knowledge of the product has improved over the years, and by other companies that support it or are Microsoft SharePoint partners. So if there are problems, there's always a user or company that knows the information or can help you; even with very uncommon problems. Another strong feature is the search engine. It can search all documents. It can find everything. We also have our own developers. What we want with SharePoint, we can program it and create many reports, every kind of information needed. Developers can easily create an application for it and display this information. View full review »