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Miguel King
Hyperion Planning or SAP BPC?
Larry HillThe only reason to consider BPC at this point is if you are locked into an SAP architecture. SAP is re-architecting BPC to utilize their HANA memory-resident database, which is basically a heart-lung transplant - long, costly and complex. BPC is also known as one of the most costly CPM implementations in the market, which is not likely to get better as SAP rejiggers it for HANA. Hyperion Planning is a long-time leader in on-premise CPM, and Oracle is 2-3 years ahead of SAP in moving to the Cloud. Oracle's PBCS product is basically Hyperion Planning with an HTML5 user interface, and is substantially more mature than BPC at this point. Gartner judged it to be one of 4 apps in it's Strategic CPM Magic Quadrant this past June. (SAP was not even listed by Gartner.) It's also priced very aggressively, like all of the new Oracle Cloud Service apps - $14-30K per year, list. So if there are strong reasons for you to go with either SAP or Oracle, and you're OK with a cloud solution, then Oracle PBCS would be the better choice at this point. If you're not locked into these two vendors, as the responder above mentioned, there are some other cloud CPM vendors like Host Analytics or Adaptive insights in the Gartner MQ that have lower cost of ownership than on-premise solutions.

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