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Michael Livingston says in a GFI FaxMaker review
IT Director at Thomas George Associates Ltd
For the users, they just fax stuff out with it. We've integrated it with our imaging system and it also works standalone. It seems to work very well for us. We use it so that it does create an email connection to the LAN and then it returns a message via email, to the user who sent it, with a followup as to whether it was successful or not. We're able to send faxes from all the PCs in our environment. View full review »
reviewer1346610 says in a GFI FaxMaker review
Senior Network Administrator at a tech vendor with 11-50 employees
It is easy to use, but we don't use a lot of FaxMaker's features. It is easy to see how many faxes are coming in. The reports are okay. It is a good, stable product. View full review »
Herbert Haug says in a GFI FaxMaker review
Systems Administrator at a manufacturing company with 501-1,000 employees
The console is still the same as it has been for the last 10 years. It is very easy to add new new users and licenses. The reporting is getting a bit better, as you can see what is coming though the line. We can now use the browser to get reports with the latest update. I also have information from up to four years ago regarding the fax statistics. This shows me that the fax volume is decreasing. We have the PDF option. I can see all the faxes which come through by finding the corresponding PDF file. View full review »
Ralf Werner says in a GFI FaxMaker review
IT Professional / Team Leader at Aos Stahl GmbH und Co Kg
Once it's up and running, it's pretty convenient. There's a simple, major rule and that is: If you can print it then you can also send it as a fax, because FaxMaker is actually a printer, and that's very convenient. The management console is pretty straightforward. It's pretty easy to handle, even if our version's management console is a bit old. It enables us to fax via email and similar systems, that's how we do it. It has Exchange integration as far as I know, and that's its major use. You receive a fax as an email and you can send an email as a fax. That's the whole point of it, for us at least. The ability to send faxes this way saves us time. The only better way to do it would be to not send faxes at all. View full review »
Axel Wittich says in a GFI FaxMaker review
Manager of IT and Operations at B E S T Fluidsysteme GmbH
It is rather stable, and we need a stable solution to get faxes into our document management system. You just use it and don't have to fool around with it. View full review »
Chuck Schurman says in a GFI FaxMaker review
Help Desk Supervisor at a construction company with 201-500 employees
Faxing through email would be the best feature it has. View full review »
Tony Tuite says in an OfficeSuite review
Consultant at NFC/IT
The ability to route calls via auto-attendant to agents was nice when you finally figured out the interface. We were able to route calls to mobile devices as well as hard phones. We were getting a ton of spam calls, and we were able to stop them by prompting for an input from the caller. From there, we were able to route to an individual instead of ringing everyone at once. We enjoyed having the phones tied to the mobile app and the ability to take calls from our mobile devices. However, it didn't work very well. The app was very flaky and didn't like running in the background even if you gave it permissions. We wound up just forwarding our lines directly to our cell phones. View full review »