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Mar 08 2018
One of the most popular comparisons on IT Central Station is AlgoSec vs Tufin Which of these two solutions would you recommend for Firewall Security Management? Why? Thanks! --Rhea
Tom JudNeither, I would go with FireMon. They are the market leader. when it comes to Traffic Flow Analysis, Scalability, architecture and vision, they are the clear leader.
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We have two options: FortiGate 200E or Cyberoam 300iNG-XP. We are looking for strong gateway level security like antivirus, antispam, IPS, web content filtering, application control and secure wireless access points. Thanks.
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We are setting up a small branch office and for gateway security, we are evaluating Barracuda Web Filter Appliance and Cisco firewall, but in the past I have used  Fortinet UTM box for such requirements. Which do you recommend? Thanks in advance for your help and suggestions
I have to perform a health check activity for Firemon Security manager.  Can you please suggest which tasks I  have do to as part of this health check and audit?  What are the specific reports I need to  pull out to identify the flaws in the configuration and highlight to the client?
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Do you use Tufin in a Cloud based environment? If so, how does their licencing model work?

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