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Fortinet FortiGate: 30e
VeerSharma says in a Fortinet FortiGate review
Branch Manager at a tech services company with 51-200 employees

We look for a couple of things when selecting a vendor or product. First, we look at the user interface and figure out whether it is easy to manage. We also consider the price because we do not want to overpay. That said, price is not our number one priority; user manageability is. 

We have been using a pretty wide range of products. We have used models such as the Fortinet FortiGate-30E, 51E, 90D, and 200D. They are all pretty good at doing the job that they are configured for. Obviously, the firewall sizing has to be done right, but if the product sizing is done correctly then they will never go wrong.

I have not yet used the cloud access capability, but we do plan on testing it.

After we purchased FortiGate we grew by forty percent, and it was able to continue to perform as it had before.

Overall it is user-friendly, easy to configure, easy to manage, the support is pretty good, they are priced low, and they do the job that you require.

I would rate this solution nine out of ten.

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Amgad Soliman says in a Fortinet FortiGate review
Senior System & Security Administrator at Icon

We were not fully operational previously. Our project needs to link two sides through the internet. One of these was in Cairo and the other in another city. 

In Egypt, to make this possible, we built connections for everything between the two sides through the internet using the VPN side-to-side with Fortinet. 

We used FortiGate as the integrating solution between the two locations, i.e. the Fortinet 30E & 100E.

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SonicWall NSA: 30e
Shaik Parveez says in a SonicWall NSA review
Network Engineer at commit

I also have more than five years of experience with Fortinet FortiGate. I have worked with models such as the 30E, 50E, 60E, 100E, and 60D. I also have experience with the Meraki Firewall.

The VPN limitations are better with FortiGate. Even with the lower versions, such as the 30E, it supports 100 tunnels and 100 users. With SonicWall, you are limited to five IPSec VPN connections at one time.

FortiGate also supports DynDNS, which is an important feature for smaller companies.

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