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Find out what your peers are saying about Fortinet, Cisco, Palo Alto Networks and others in Firewalls.
233,992 professionals have used our research on 5,903 solutions.
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What is Firewalls?

What is a firewall? Technically, a firewall definition could be that it’s the part of a system or network that blocks unauthorized access but permits outbound communications.  Most importantly, firewalls are intended to protect key IT assets from security threats such as denial of service attacks or data theft. Firewalls come in many varieties. What makes one better than other will depend on numerous organization-specific factors. 

When IT Central Station users were asked about what makes the best firewall, they described a number of factors that will help anyone make the right choice. Some security professionals want to know what is the best free firewall? IT Central Station reviews suggest that this is a question that should asked only after one has assessed many basic requirements about usability and features first.

Visibility is offered as one of the most critical aspects of an effective firewall.  Users want global reports and traffic visibility as well as application visibility.  IT Central Station members also want the firewall to provide visibility into specific users’ behaviors.  Visibility as a key point of value cuts across different types of solutions, including Windows firewalls, firewall software and network firewalls.

Ease of use and simplicity of administration also rated as high priorities for firewall buyers. A firewall should be easy to manage and configure.  Easy installation is essential, as is integration.  According to IT Central Station reviewers, firewalls typically function in complex, heterogeneous security environments. In parallel, solid vendor support is important.  Reviewers noted that the first line of response to an issue with a firewall is almost always an in-house technical resource. That resource needs to be trained easily. If training is too cumbersome or if the firewall admin is a hard-to-find hire, the department will suffer.

Firewall users list many specific functions as “must haves.” These include intrusion protection (IPS), VPN, high throughput, data loss prevention, SSL, IPSEC, application control and web content filtering.  Some users want a firewall to easily integrate with an LDAP Server or Radius Server.  Anti-spam is desirable, as is anti-virus and anti-spyware protection.  Users emphasize the importance of IPv6 native support as well as traffic shaping and bandwidth control.

Firewalls Reviews

Read reviews of Firewalls that are trending in the IT Central Station community:
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Firewalls report from it central station 2017 10 21 thumbnail
Find out what your peers are saying about Fortinet, Cisco, Palo Alto Networks and others in Firewalls.
233,992 professionals have used our research on 5,903 solutions.
Firewalls report from it central station 2017 10 21 thumbnail
Find out what your peers are saying about Fortinet, Cisco, Palo Alto Networks and others in Firewalls.
233,992 professionals have used our research on 5,903 solutions.

Firewalls Questions

Systems Manager at a non-profit with 201-500 employees
Oct 08 2017
Anonymous avatar x30
DougHughesI'd go Fortinet as well, but there are some considerations. 1) Cisco... more »
Anonymous avatar x30
Ian GoodingWe have 2 x Cisco ASA 5515s and 1 x 5516 with Firepower. This works for us,... more »
Anonymous avatar x30
M Ike D Ibble New Fortigate 200E replacing my ASA's as we speak. I can't say much for the... more »
Admin - IT Infrastructure, Networking ,Communications & Security at a manufacturing company with 501-1,000 employees
Technical Support Engineer with 11-50 employees
Oct 04 2017
Ced7fc90 c30f 493b 8624 32b80dc6c689 avatar?1455551175
John CrabtreeAre you limiting the results are a specific reason? The larger question... more »
Ced7fc90 c30f 493b 8624 32b80dc6c689 avatar?1455551175
John CrabtreeAre you limiting the results are a specific reason? The larger question... more »
Anonymous avatar x30
reviewer344160I am most familiar with Checkpoint and if you have the budget I would... more »
774509c7 4825 4b74 812e d2f7d2f749d0 avatar
Cuc Pham
Managing Director at a tech vendor with 51-200 employees
Jul 18 2017
Anonymous avatar x30
Jack ClarkeI did some investigation with our partners at Cisco Meraki and received the... more »
Ceaffef0 417f 4be8 be2c 0b55c40c3b43 avatar
Azadur SarkerThe Meraki MX100 is an enterprise security appliance designed for distributed... more »
2a05df40 d735 4553 95d5 fdcc958fe807 avatar
MikeKaneTo further simplify, the Meraki line, in addition to the MX series includes... more »
7909ab29 ac8e 4ff2 8999 abadf097e2d4 avatar
Terry Stokes
Real User
Information Technology Manager at a healthcare company with 51-200 employees
Anonymous avatar x30
reviewer199326Basically, using Palo Alto along with their Wildfire solution (either in the... more »
50d7bc4a 8a67 4b5e 8a24 245ce9811fe1 avatar?1458673533
Jesús Guadalupe Torres AraujoHello, Well, not forget that Firepower technology was developed by... more »
Anonymous avatar x30
erik van veen1. Scalability: linear growth due to Single Pass technology. This means that... more »
Anonymous avatar x30
reviewer230721According to the listed Sophos appliance model, this seems to be a very small... more »
Luciano morales li?1428451837
Luciano MoralesI think that it will handle the traffict very well, however you didn´t... more »
Anonymous avatar x30
Hamza_FarhanQ: Can Sophos XG 85w handle network traffic going through Cisco switches... more »

Firewalls Articles

A5223938 eed9 42af 9f16 9a9bd1568f21 avatar
Orlee Gillis
Community Mgr
Content and Community Manager
IT Central Station
41e97455 d821 4d22 b099 000cf5e8d105 avatar?1439488636

Network Engineer II
Network Engineer with a proven track record of problem resolution and implementation success. I treat every challenge uniquely and from start to finish am fully engaged. I enjoy coming to work every day because I know there will be a new challenge waiting for me, allowing me the freedom to work... more>>
52b84604 4fad 4d47 b3a9 7f286b21de76 avatar
CEO & Sr. Information Security Consultant
A dedicated and innovative Information Technology management professional with demonstrated abilities and contributions in management, team, and individual environments. A highly skilled briefer to diverse audiences. Brings a proven record in progressively responsible and challenging... more>>
Srengineer672 li?1421917315

Anonymous avatar x100
TOP 10
Senior Security Consultant
Anjas vaheed avatar 1431366566?1431366564
TOP 10
Senior Technical Consultant - Network and Security
7+ years of Experience in IT industry with major skills in Networking and security of enterprise networks. Provided solutions to the leading enterprises in UAE for the best IT architecture(Network, Security and wireless solutions), Performed Network audits on the enterprise networks.
Arshad khan li?1424931700
Security Consultant
Security Consultant (Team lead) in Accenture Leveraged service delivery (Wipro) Worked for Bank client .(HP) Worked on Government Tax dept.(Tulip telecom) • Firewall (Check point, Cisco, Palo Alto, Fortinet, Juniper) • IPS/IDS (Cisco, Checkpoint, IBM, McAfee) • Proxy (Bluecoat,... more>>
514ff57c 38aa 404e be26 a4a162d92819 avatar?1455703819
TOP 10
Senior IT Consultant
A successful Multi-talented system administrator with good all-round technical skills and the ability to develop and maintain close working relationships with both customers and collegues. Quick and eager to learn new things and always looking to improve my knowledge.
Reviewed Sophos UTM: Great security and logging.
Anonymous avatar x100
TOP 10
Computer Networking Consultant and Contractor
4c9f3423 8a09 4738 8d9c a8616a9c170b avatar
53db612d c488 454d b070 082caaf697b6 avatar
TOP 20
Technology Consultant
85653602 f16d 4221 bea8 1e76a32d75f2 avatar
50d7bc4a 8a67 4b5e 8a24 245ce9811fe1 avatar?1458673533
Presales Technical Consultant
Throughout my work experience, I developed self-learning skills. Having to support the technical documentation and working tools such as firewall, IPS, network switches, vmware, I have managed to acquire knowledge for its management, whether for project recommendation and implementation and... more>>
Reviewed Palo Alto Networks WildFire: The way that the product process or handle the...
Michael wilkins li?1427808798

Senior Technical Consultant
Specialties: Fortinet design and deployment, Wireless network design and deployment, Apple network integration, Cisco switch deployment and integration, Exchange 2010/2013 deployment, Server 2012 design and deployment. I also work extensively with vSphere 5, designing and deploying solutions... more>>
Shiv shankar li?1421328165
Technical Consultant
I love to grab the new technology and learn to new things. Manage the team work. I would also love the challenging job.
Reviewed Fortinet FortiGate: Very easy to manage and understand
656ce880 aae9 4c5e b134 d3732f9e7b49 avatar
Project Consultant
I'm a friendly, intelligent, passionate and very curious human being. A self-motivated worker, I enjoy finding any area of a workflow or process that needs improvement and working to empower that to a higher potential. Be it a technical matter involving a network of devices or working to... more>>
Senior Technology Consultant Cosmocall/Microsoft
- Operations & Technical Support Team Management - Software Development Projects & Team Management - Lean Software Development - Processes & Workflows Definition and Optimization - Software & Platform Architecture - Tier 2 Certified CosmoCom Cosmocall Universe 5.2/6.0 - MS... more>>
Anonymous avatar x100
IT Consultant & Network Engineer
Reviewed Sophos Cyberoam UTM: ​All in one UTM appliance.
Anonymous avatar x100
Sr IT Security Consultant
I have worked in the IT industry for the past 10 years initially with a primary focus on technology implementation and security administration. I have a strong background in both physical and logical security and have worked in both areas. I am very interested in information security,... more>>
Anonymous avatar x100
Technical Consultant
I'm a highly driven IT Professional with over a decade of experience in the industry. I have acquired a tremendous amount of hands on technical knowledge dealing with all areas of IT. The areas I'm focusing on is Networking, Storage, Virtualisation & Microsoft Technologies.

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