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Feb 15 2018
We need to test an application that can be installed on Windows, MAC, Linux, iOS and Android. The goal is to automate the testing. What would be the recommended tool to accomplish this and why would you recommend it?
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reviewer514665I will recommend UFT Pro (LeanFT) as the tool of choice. LeanFT is a cross-platform tool that was built specifically for the continues integration and continues testing world. It can be installed on Windows, Mac, and Linux machines (there is also a Docker Image that can be utilized). The tool supports automating a range of applications, Web, mobile, desktop applications, SAP applications and even Terminal Emulators. The tool can test mobile applications of all kinds: native, hybrid an mobile web applications. The tool provides the following capabilities: · A rich SDK in C#, Java and JavaScript to easily create cross-browser, robust tests which don’t break · IDE integration for Visual Studio, Eclipse and InteliJ which helps to utilized the user’s environment while helping to start testing very fast · Object Identification Center – a tool to inspect and create robust identifications for the objects in the AUT · Application Model – a tool inside the IDE which enables modeling of the application in order to reuse it later on in the tests themselves · Reporting – an HTML report with all the information to better understand the test and the root cause for errors in case happened
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Peter MoutonIt's not only the platform you are testing on but also the development platform in which your AUT is made. Angular? Java? CSharp?. Net? Does it involve api testing? Database checking? Petformance testing? Perhaps several tools are needed. Open source is cheap, but support can be an issue. So experience an willingness to 'make your hands dirty' is a factor. And also take maintainability in consideration. Selenium is well known, but it takes a lot of coding if you are starting from scratch. The best advice is to experiment, don't decide based on hearsay stories.
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reviewer797424Hi, Try Testsigma, Its a unified automation testing tool to test your application across different platforms like Windows, Mac, and Linux with different browsers Firefox, Chrome, IE. Best part is you don't need programming knowledge to do this. You can write automated tests using simple English. It is as simple as writing manual tests. It runs on cloud. You dont need to install any tool and you dont need to have your own test devices. You can choose to execute your tests on our test machines available on cloud. You can start your #SmartTestAutomation journey from here
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User at a financial services firm with 1,001-5,000 employees
Nov 29 2017
I would like to know if Tricentis has an automation tool that can automate Oracle EBS R12 forms. If yes, please let me know if it is code based or if it uses  a record and playback feature. Thanks.
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Test Manager at a financial services firm with 201-500 employees
Nov 01 2017
I'm looking at replacing some of our full UFT licenses with the 'Runtime Engine Licenses' for licenses that are purely used for execution only. We are automating Web, Unix & Mainframe applications. Are there any protocols not supported via a runtime license only?
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Test Automation Specialist at a tech services company
Oct 25 2017
I am evaluating Tosca as a automation tool to be used with our own existing framework, Selenium WebDriver.Please suggest all criteria that should be considered. Is it good to procure Tosca as a test automation tool?Please suggest all the limitations/disadvantages that may exist when using Tosca.
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Test Automation Specialist at TestingXperts
Sep 21 2017
One of the project requires to automate maps and capture the From and To in locations and do some calculations. Which tools and what methods will help? Your input will be a great help to analyse.  Thanks in advance.
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Test Automation Specialist at TestingXperts
Hi, What are the steps to integrate TOSCA with MTM/Visual Studio/ CI Tools?Regards Valla
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User at a manufacturing company with 1,001-5,000 employees
What are the additional features of version 10.1 in comparison to version 9.02 of Worksoft Certify?
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Chris KrausLists of features and videos are available in the Worksoft Customer Portal at In the Blogs are there are feature lists and links to demos for all of the products.
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Linda SchoendienstThe 10.X series has a new architecture, user interface and some features. You can set up a test machine to install and test it and see for yourself.
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Team Lead at a tech vendor with 10,001+ employees
Hi, I would like to know if LeanFT is supported by Perfecto Mobile.
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Software Engineer at a tech vendor
Can we make connectivity with Cloud using TOSCA?
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Software Engineer at a tech vendor
Hi, I am using TestCase Template - Text Based - Max Length I have modified this test case to compare the record count of source and target. My source is a text file and target is SQL database. For target I am having a stored procedure which gives some rows of which i want to verify the record count. Issue: The stored procedure takes 5 mins to run because of which my test case is failing with error "Connection Time out". Can any one advice how to change the execution time?
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User with 1,001-5,000 employees
Looking to do a pilot POC based upon on RPA robot .What is the price for 2 licences?
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User at a financial services firm with 1,001-5,000 employees
Does Leanft tool support Angular 2 applications?  Can JavaScript  based Leanft test be run thru ALM? Does UFT pro require ALM 14.00?
Need to test cross-browser functionality on company website and am looking for the best tool for the job.
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Associate Project Manager at a tech vendor with 1,001-5,000 employees
Tosca Testsuite 10.0 has the ability to execute scripts that are generated from QTP.   Does this mean Tosca Testsuite is providing an automated solution to migrate from any automation to Tosca Testsuite?  If yes, what needs to be done in order to migrate them (approx)?
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Hans PlankenIt is possible to migrate automatically from QTP to TOSCA with a 90% hit rate. Tricentis offers this as a Service package
My company is looking into an SAP upgrade, and we have a very small staff. I am the lone SQA resource, and development takes on most of the testing. I have been tasked with looking into creating a business case for Test Automation. Any good templates exist, or examples to leverage while creating my own case? Any war stories and suggestions appreciated as well.  I have looked at Panaya, Worksoft and Ranorex so far, with Tosca Testsuite up next. Trying to get a feel for best fit given our support limitations.  Thanks.
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Lev KushnirHi Greg, When I am thinking about business case I think immediately about ROI. I do not know if you have already used some tool to calculate it, I can advise you to look at our ROI Calculator, which could help you to understand your situation. Automation of business processes can be done now even more easily with a new Tosca SAP Recorder. SAP Recorder allowing you to record your processes while interacting directly with SAP. This makes it super easy to create the right test cases for building up your regression testing portfolio. You can even create data driven test cases during recording as a valuable starting point for risk based testing. This can be used to shift the creation of test cases from IT Department to business user. The execution (regression tests) will be done later on by IT. The result is clear, with limited IT budget you can fulfill the business requirements. The integration with SAP Solution Manager can be also setup, it is not a case. Have a look in ROI Calculation as a good starting point for your decision Lev
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Caroline GitongaA good business case will take into consideration the cost, time, the quality benefits if you were to test manually vs automation and the ROI if your company were to invest in automation. It would help if you had some comparisons to make e.g. how long it normally takes you to complete testing vs the time you would want to complete, how much you spend on testing (even if you don't have outside help, there's still cost of internal resources), have you encountered issues in production as a result of incomplete testing? Can you apply a monetary value to these issues? List out all the current issues you're facing and align them to cost, time, quality. Then list out the benefits of automation and align them to the issues you're facing. Then talk 'dollars', e.g. if we spend x dollars on automation then we will save y dollars on re-work costs (as an example) My first recommendation would be not to use a SAP upgrade as a launching pad for automation especially if you're the only one in QA. That's a major project to take on and automation tends to have a steep learning curve so you need to allocate sometime for everyone to come to speed with it.

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